Men’s experience of wearing high heels

Men wear high heels, I mean the kind of stiletto high heels, such as what I am wearing now is 10 cm stiletto high heels.

In my life, I know that many men like women’s high heels. I have a friend who has an adult daughter and a wife, but both his daughter and his wife know his preference, his daughter and My wife sometimes says he’s perverted, but he still does his own way, even walking around the streets in high heels, and he also intends to let women see, those women are surprised how he can walk in 12 cm high heels, I’ve never really believed this, you know this It is almost impossible. If it is good to walk in the yard or on the street in high heels alone in the dead of night, how can it be possible to go on the street blatantly? Do you want women to see it?

I often use lipstick, and now I have developed to use eye shadow, but I am also avoiding my family. After wearing makeup by myself, I blatantly go around the world. Sometimes I really want women to see, and I also want to know women. What is the reaction to my use of cosmetics, but they take it easy and ask them, they just say, this is your living habit, as long as it doesn’t affect others, it’s fine, and it looks good after makeup, so it’s nothing. . Yes, now this society has reached a level where nothing is strange. How a person lives is his own business, his family does not object, and it is difficult for outsiders to say anything.

I have now developed to the point where I wear makeup at work. Although men have become feminine in some aspects, they even wear women’s stockings, high heels, and panties. I don’t wear a bra because I don’t have breasts, but it’s not at work. It was in my own home, and I dared not let my family know that I secretly did it.

Life is colorful, in fact, if a man is feminine, it is nothing, if it can relax his mind, it is nothing. Men are also beautiful, and smugness is also beautiful. Live happily.

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