Men need a hug from their partner more than women

For women, hugs and kisses are essential foreplay before every sex. But men need more hugs from their partners than women.

A recent article in the American “Sexual Behavior Archives” magazine pointed out that in the long run, intimacy such as hugging and kissing is more important to men, especially in families with more than 10 years of marriage, intimacy can bring men more happiness.

Researchers at the Kinsey Institute of Indiana University in the United States surveyed 1,000 couples in the United States, Germany, Spain, Japan and Brazil. They lived together for between 1 and 51 years, and half of them lived for more than 25 years. The respondents were aged between 40-70 years old. The researchers looked at the number of kisses, hugs, caresses and sex couples had in the past month and gave them a test of marital well-being. The results found that men who frequently kissed and hugged had significantly higher happiness, while women did not have much difference. However, women’s happiness has a greater impact on the number of sexes. >>> Medium-sized women are most popular with men

Julia Heyman of Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, who led the study, said the study overturned previous perceptions. People often think that men need real sex more, hugging and kissing are all to better “go to the next step”. In fact, in married life, a man needs a warm hug from a woman, which can make him feel comforted, believe in marriage and love, and enjoy the joy of marriage.

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