Marriage is another new life of love

I have always believed that marriage is a process in which love develops to a certain stage of maturity, and it is the harvest season for love. Love without marriage is just a blurry picture, while marriage is the real beauty in the painting. Only when there is marriage can there be a beautiful and fulfilling life, and the joy of a family with children around the knees. If love is just a single kind of love without family elements, it is difficult to understand the depth of love in the hearts of two people, and it is difficult to understand the meaning of love, because two people in love are to a large extent the same. It is an unreal beauty. When they face each other, they show their own advantages, and both have hypocrisy. It is difficult to truly understand each other. Only through marriage can you experience love in life. real meaning.

Marriage is another new life of love. Some people say that marriage is the grave of love. Just imagine if marriage is the grave, why so many people walk into the hall of marriage. If marriage is the grave of love, how can so many happy marriages come? explain? Of course, unhappy marriages cannot be ruled out. If love just stays on the surface and has no actual life, then love will always be an empty fantasy. Two people in love have been together for a long time, without a rich life background, without the continuation and enrichment of a new life, and without the arrival of new life surprises, love will become boring. Life is inseparable from hope, and there is no continuation of life, where is the beginning of hope? If everyone is just a long-distance love run, when will love mature, and as a result, where is the destination of love?

Some people may think that marriage kills love, but this is only a one-sided understanding of individuals. Ordinary and bland marriages, to some extent, dilute the romance of love instead of burying and strangling. It just further expresses and deduces the romance of love in the form of marriage. In fact, there is no lack of romance in marriage, a gentle hug, a shallow eyebrow kiss, a small flower in the wilderness, a humorous text message, a small gift that a lover likes, a loving and thoughtful word, a kind of anxiety Worry and concern are all manifestations of romantic love in marriage.

Marriage just makes love from a superficial fiery to plain. With marriage, love is perfect. With love as the foundation, marriage is beautiful. Marriage is actually a product of mature love. It makes love more profound and connotative in a certain sense, and endows love with a sacred responsibility to complete a continuation of life and make everything in the future continue to prosper. , gives life a hope.

Marriage will allow two people who love each other to gradually show their true side and deepen their understanding of each other. They will not just keep an empty promise to perfunctory each other’s illusory life, but love will only make people hypocritical. Two people in love often disguise themselves in order to show their good side. This kind of disguise will make the heart feel tired, and it will only be like a lonely boat with no support in the stormy sea, unstable and unstable, and unable to find to the berth. But marriage has given the heart a solid support.

Marriage makes love crystallize, has a destination and supports, and further sublimates love. Marriage is the inevitable development of love to a certain extent. Love without marriage is irresponsible, and love without marriage is imperfect. Marriage seems to be a traditional model of love, but in fact it is the continuation and sustenance of love. Marriage endows love with a substantive content, so that love has a spiritual thing in marriage, and it continues the life from generation to generation.

Love without marriage is just an empty emotion. Although there is often romance in the past, but love without life will never have the fruit of love. Even if two people who are in love with each other are always chasing me and me together, one day they will feel that life is monotonous and boring. The love of two people is always just a glamorous romance, and the care of an apple in marriage and the warmth of a cup of tea are a feeling more worthy of taste than romance. Only when love enters the palace of marriage can we begin to live in a true sense. And when love moves towards marriage, with the crystallization of mutual love, you will feel the life of true love. Although this kind of life will gradually become dull, the dullness is true. In the dullness, you will feel the growth of another life. The freshness that life brings to us is the time when we feel the most real life. This truth and beauty will give you hope in life and make you feel happy and gratified in life. Therefore, a happy marriage is not only the continuation of love, but also the destination of love, but also the sublimation of love. It is the fruitful harvest of love when it matures.

Under the setting sun, the mutual support of an old woman and an old wife is the mutual dependence after marriage has given love a responsibility. A pair of small hands held by two pairs of big hands in the morning light, that is, marriage gives love a new life, and allows love to grow healthily and vigorously in it. Under the setting sun and in the morning light, this is the most beautiful and warm picture in our life. It allows us to appreciate its beauty and have more inner real moving. Therefore, the interpretation of love is inseparable from marriage. Marriage is not only the grave of love, but also another new life of love.

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