Man please protect your testicles because it hurts unbearably

A man is a very strange creature. When he is strong, he is like a mountain and can bear all suffering. But when it is fragile, it is like a newborn baby, and it will be powerless with a slight touch. So what is it that makes the majority of men instantly irresistible?

That is when there is a small external force hitting the testicles, commonly known as “Egg” sadness. This article introduces what happens to men when their testicles are hit, which leads to an important conclusion: men, must protect their “balls”.

The high incidence of testicular injury is young adults aged 15-40, mostly due to direct violence, such as hitting, car accident injuries, etc. When the testis is subjected to external force, the most obvious symptom is pain, extremely severe pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. About 20% of people experience painful shock, which is caused by severe pain leading to unconsciousness and unstable vital signs. This shows how painful it must be.

When a macho man’s “testicles” are damaged and come to the hospital, the doctor will ask you to do an ultrasound first to see the extent of the damage and whether there is a hematoma. However, when the hematoma is relatively large, the ultrasound cannot be seen clearly, and CT needs to be done. The diagnostic rate of CT for testicular injury is basically 100%. The most diagnostic advantage is MRI, because of the high resolution of soft tissue. These tests and a physical examination by a doctor can determine the extent of the damage.

If it is only the contusion of the testis and epididymis, and the tunica albuginea is not ruptured, conservative solutions such as bed rest, analgesia, testicular support, and early local cold compress can be used.

If a laceration of the testicular tunica albuginea is found, surgical exploration is required as soon as possible, regardless of the size of the hematoma. Early surgical intervention is the key to treatment and can significantly reduce the probability of orchiectomy.
The most serious is the testicular rupture, and the testicular rupture will only occur when the external force is at least 50kg. The tunica albuginea can be sutured after debridement for small-scale ruptures. If the rupture is completely irreparable, it can only be excised.

It is also relatively rare that the external force directly hits the testicles to other parts, and the testicles cannot be touched in the scrotum. This is rare, so I won’t say it.

Regardless of the type of injury, there may be a risk of testicular atrophy, so close observation and follow-up is required 3-6 months after recovery. If post-traumatic orchitis, testicular fibrosis, testicular atrophy, etc. occur, the affected testis should be removed as soon as possible. Because the blood-testis barrier of the atrophied testis has been destroyed, it may trigger an autoimmune reaction that may involve the uninjured testis, resulting in decreased sperm quality.

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