Male ligation or female ligation, which is more harmful

1. About male ligation

Male ligation is performed on the vas deferens. Compared with female ligation, male ligation is easier and more convenient to operate, and it is a non-invasive operation.

The contraceptive principle of male ligation is to cut off the vas deferens that transports sperm from the testicles to the penis, so that sperm cannot enter the ejaculatory duct and excrete from the body. After the male ligation operation, reliable contraceptive measures are still required, until after two semen examinations, it is proved that there is no sperm at all. to give up his contraceptives.

【Surgical steps of male ligation】

(1) Before the operation, keep a state of rest, relax, and don’t be overly nervous.

(2) The doctor will stand on the right side of the patient, fix the patient’s vas deferens with the index finger and thumb, cut the patient’s scrotal skin, ligate one side first, and then ligate the other side.

(3) During the operation, the puncture site is mostly on the upper part of both sides of the scrotum. The scrotal skin is punctured with a fine needle and procaine solution is injected.

(4) Fix the vas deferens, clamp the skin of the vas deferens, separate out a 1.5 cm long vas deferens, and perform ligation.

(5) Slowly inject spermicidal solution with phenylmercuric acetate to make the patient feel urination.

(6) The distal end of the vas deferens is then ligated, and after the operation, check whether there is obvious bleeding near the scrotum.

2. About female ligation

Female ligation, also known as tubal ligation, surgically closes the fallopian tube channel so that the egg cannot be successfully combined with the sperm, so as to achieve the purpose of contraception.

Women with abdominal skin infections, genital infections, frail women, and women in the stage of postpartum hemorrhagic shock are not suitable for ligation.

【Best ligation time for women】

1. The ligation of non-pregnant women should be performed within 3 to 7 days after the menstrual period is completely clean.

2. After early or late induced abortion, ligation operation can be performed immediately, and spontaneous abortion should not be performed within one month after an expired abortion.

3. During lactation, ligation can be performed within 3 to 7 days after menstruation resumes.

4. Those who have cesarean section or other gynecological operations can perform ligation at the same time.

5. Patients who are hospitalized in the puerperium or have a natural delivery are in good condition, and ligation can be performed within 6 hours after the operation.

In fact, the principle of ligation for both men and women is almost the same, but male ligation is a non-invasive operation, and the incision is small. After male ligation, if he wants to have children in the future, he can still recover through surgery, but female ligation cannot be recovered. There will be no fertility, no time to regret, and many adverse side effects due to improper post-operative care.

To sum up: Compared with female ligation, male ligation is more dangerous for women, and the harm to women is high. Hospitals generally recommend male ligation.

Contraception is a matter for both husband and wife. Although male friends have better ligation surgery than female friends, this matter should be discussed by both husband and wife, and it should be done voluntarily. Of course, there are many ways of contraception, and other options can also be selected. contraceptive method.

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