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Love is an emotional threshold. If you put aside the description of some objective elements of crush, love is crush itself, a feeling that your heart almost stops at a certain moment. In my opinion, love is a relationship based on sexual attraction, and there is a moment when you feel like you want to die with each other because everything will never be better. Wanting to die is not negative. For love and all our own expectations and sensitivities to love, death is the eternity of love, that is, it will never change until death. What we dare not and are unwilling to face here is that it is difficult for love to be linear, and it is always in infinite changes. It is precisely because of this that we cherish and yearn for this precious and wonderful feeling. It can be the origin of sex, love, marriage, but it cannot determine any of them, nor can it be interfered with by any of them.


Sex is the energy base on which sexual attraction is built, it is not a result but a beginning. But unlike all other definitions, even though we as human beings build our culture, society, customs, etc., it is difficult to explain whether sex comes from our animality or from what we are inherently human. unique sociality. Like our needs for food, social interaction, etc., sex becomes a part of our self-satisfaction based on our individual preferences and the intensity of our desires. As the ultimate manifestation of desire, we desire and pursue it without wanting to be bound by it, which is the main reason why sex is demonized in various religions and theologies. But it is undeniable that sex and love are two parallel tracks of our spiritual and physical desires that sometimes intersect and sometimes alienate. But in the end, it became the fuse of all kinds of entanglements in the world.

In love

Love is an intimate relationship that we not only crave for self-satisfaction in love, sex, or both, but also need to share, share, and support each other. It also requires us to have a close connection with each other in life, a life form in which we are constantly satisfied and deepened by each other in this relationship. To be honest, apart from sexual attraction and strong life intervention, it is not much different from friends at the spiritual level, it is also meeting our social needs.


Marriage is a kind of partner contract socialized by secularization, a business model of partner life. It not only requires us to have life intervention in the intimate relationship of our partners, but also a high degree of intervention in economy, living habits, reproductive needs, and self-realization, so it is like a two-person enterprise, not only requires mutual physical and emotional satisfaction from each other And resonance, but also need to have the sense of responsibility and ability to afford and manage this kind of partnership contract.
their relationship

Love can’t achieve sex, can’t achieve love, let alone marriage, love can’t even achieve love itself, love can only be some fleeting moments, they are discrete points in life, this is also the part of love. So the essence of beauty. So it’s okay to look forward to these beautiful moments, but it’s not sustainable at all through sex, love, and marriage. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get it consistently, it’s just that you can’t get it in these ways.
Sex also cannot achieve love, love and marriage. Sex, like love, is the desire to obtain, and the endless emptiness brought by the highly attenuated happiness after it is obtained.
Love requires more personality matching and social fit than love and sex. Sometimes love does not require love and sex, and it may not lead to marriage, and it may not necessarily be the basis of a marriage. It’s better than other things in that it doesn’t cause any harm, but we tend to ask for more in love, which eventually leads to love becoming the only way to go through joys and sorrows. In fact, it should be the easiest and simplest intimacy.

Marriage is not the best choice for intimacy because it passively requires too many maintenance conditions. But I don’t quite understand why a lot of people are keen to choose this form, and they don’t have a clear idea of ​​what marriage is before choosing. In fact, I want to say more about marriage. Marriage is neither the supreme expression and destination of love, nor is it an insurance of intimacy that breaks all the beautiful definitions of love and is dissolved by life. It is actually a partner unit that needs to be managed together. But running a marriage requires a lot of ability. If you do not have this ability, you will only make the marriage go bankrupt. On the contrary, you can even enjoy all the fun including love, sex and love.


Most of the time, the reason why love, sex, romance, and marriage trouble us is that we don’t know what “I want” when we seek them. And it’s ridiculous that many people like to get married and want to get married, but what can marriage give you? Marriage can’t give you love or sex, it gives you a bunch of responsibilities, it gives you a bunch of rules on how to manage an intimate relationship, and even gives you a person to adapt to each other, so some people don’t like to be responsible, and they don’t like to accommodate each other I don’t like working with people either, so why bother? First know what you want, and then see if the way to find it is correct. These problems are not problems at all. The problem is that we equate everything before we understand these concepts, and then pray to God to give you a perfect relationship. Totally self-tortured.

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