Love really can’t stand the wait

As many origins and fates, there are as many rubbing shoulders and looking back; as many joys and sorrows, as many love, hatred, and hatred; as many past events, so many suddenly look back. We are all passing passengers on the ferry of life, but how many really stop there? It’s not that you don’t know how to cherish, some fates are destined to be long or short, or turn to the end of the world or a moment of youth. It comes by chance, and it goes by necessity. Without giving up, how can we have; without experience, how can we choose. Free and easy to live, see the world is cold and warm; calm and peaceful, it is the wind and the clouds. Fate comes and cherishes fate, and fate goes with fate. No change, no change. In the time of love, it is silent and speechless, and there is affection like ruthlessness; in the world of love, no one is sorry for anyone, only who does not know how to cherish who. People are always like this, when you have it you don’t know how precious it is, and when you lose it, you can’t regret it. When love has died, there will not be so much love in the dim light. When love is helpless, it may be a lifetime of warmth to turn around and leave. Time can’t last forever, but love can last forever. If you lose anything, you can’t lose your sincerity; if you forget anything, you can’t forget your true feelings. Cherish the people in front of you and let love have no regrets.

There is a kind of fate called missing, and there is a kind of love called reluctance. A song evokes a memory, and a cup of tea dyes a mood. Everyone has an untouchable love in their hearts. Searching and searching in broken thoughts, deep and shallow in confusion. Going aimlessly to sweet and sad, unforgettable to settle and wander, is a lonely line of poetry, a fragrance of the past, and a crushed thought. When love is over, how strong it must be to never forget it. A kind of forgetting is not impossible, but my heart is unwilling; a kind of encounter is not unbelievable, but the ending is a reluctance to part. It is said that it is better to forget each other in the rivers and lakes, but who can be so free and easy? How can you deliberately forget that unforgettable? How can the blur of memories be easily erased? If you meet each other, don’t leave; if you cherish each other, don’t abandon each other; if you love each other, you won’t change until death. Give with sincerity without falsehood, and cherish your own true feelings with sincerity.

Some loves become clearer the more they want to be pulled away; the more they want to forget, but the more they are in their hearts. Love is like this, it is always confusing; happiness is not easy, it is always sought; sweetness is not simple, it always fascinates the heart. One look makes the heart throb, and love ripples from then on; a goodbye destroys all beauty, and heartbroken is a painful breath from now on. Only when you have loved can you know how to cherish, and only when you have suffered can you know how to protect yourself. Love needs to have and needs to be given up. The sincerity that belongs to you will never change, and what does not belong to you will eventually be lost. Everyone has a back in their hearts, but they can’t touch them; everyone’s past has a beauty, lingering but just a memory. Falling in love with someone is only for a while, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. It is not heartless, even if it is reluctant to give up, love is sometimes a kind of giving up, it is another kind of happiness; No regrets experience, just because once loved and once owned. As long as you live better than me, nothing else matters.

Some predestined relationship will be lost if you look too hard; some love, the higher the expectation, the deeper the disappointment. For some people, it is impossible to forget whether to give up or not to give up; for some people, to think and not to think is to turn away. Fate is like this, near or far, together or apart. Love sometimes hurts. The bruised pain leaves the heart everywhere desolate, the terrifying thoughts do not close, the burning loneliness is growing wildly, the sentimentality of the memories fills the empty heart, and the crushed thoughts are nowhere to hide. It is solidification, it is heartbroken, and there is nowhere for the soul to be placed. Love is vigorous, so what, comfort yourself, you can forget, you can be strong. If you love, don’t lose it, don’t forget, don’t let your lover wait and hesitate; If you love each other, please love deeply. If you don’t love deeply, you would rather give up; Only by following the fate and the heart and the circumstances, life needs to be tempered to be full. Fate requires experience to be wonderful. Postscript: Love really can’t stand waiting. There is always a deadline for waiting, maybe a year, maybe a moment, and can we catch it?

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