Love needs to be expressed

Human life is a process of caring and caring for each other. Everyone has emotional needs. Among them, language communication and emotional expression are the key. Don’t let your lover know your love just by guessing, but let the other party feel your heart at all times. This is how you tell each other your love with your mouth, and you need to express your love with actions.

Love needs to be expressed Love is to open the heart and let it flow freely, so that the other party can see, hear and feel.

No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to call your lover; no matter how tired you are, give your lover a hug when you get home; no matter how many troubles there are in life, you should give your lover a smile… If there is love in our hearts, we should speak loudly Say it, you should do it, and use actions and words to express the warmth and happiness in your heart.

Love does not exist if it is not expressed. Love needs to be expressed

Love is not only the real life of chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea, it is also a solemn thing, which requires coping and commitment, confirmation and encouragement. The expression of love can be singing in the garden late at night, or it can be the vows of the mountains and the moon, because these all mean commitment and responsibility, acceptance and desire. From ancient times to the present, no matter in the East or the West, there are various ways of expressing love. People use songs to convey love, use poems to praise love, record love with words, feel love with brushes, express love with limbs, and express love with tokens. …

One of the most direct and effective ways of love is to say it in words. Don’t despise this simple word. It can transmit all the love messages to the other person’s heart completely and thoroughly.

Only the love that has been expressed is given life and has a soul with profound meaning

The expression of love does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. After living together for a long time, the expression of love may become a trivial living habit. For example, make a cup of hot tea for your lover, tuck your lover in a quilt, and make a joke with your lover. Of course, the tea might be too hot, the corners might not be necessary, and the joke might be a little vulgar. However, do not refuse. Because what you rejected is no longer an action, but love. We need to know that the care of a bowl of hot soup is no less than the love expressed by a rose.

Life is as calm and calm as water, flowing slowly over the foreheads of men and the corners of women’s eyes. Before you know it, the lines of the years climbed up on the face of the once young. In orderly time, love can easily become still, losing rhythm and color. Timely expression of love can not only exchange the lost warmth, but it is also the spice of life, so that every day is immersed in expectation and joy.

Laugh at an old joke told by your lover, cut out an article he likes when reading a newspaper or magazine and give it to him, remember to say good morning, good night, goodbye every day, and share with him a ball game or other activity that interests him, Cook a meal with him in the kitchen, thank him for a little thing solemnly, buy him some quirky and fun little gifts, remember his parents’ birthdays… these are the little things in life that can make a lover happy Feel your love from the bottom of my heart.

The expression of love is to show the other person their own heart, to see the love, warmth, concern and tremor in that heart. For ordinary people, this kind of heart-to-heart thing is best done in a simple, subtle, and long way, which is more in line with our simple, subtle, and long life.

“I love you” is the most beautiful language in the world. The phrase “I love you” between lovers is often the beginning of emotional warming. The phrase “I love you” between husband and wife is often the secret recipe for keeping love fresh. Love to say, to let the other party understand your love; love to do, to prove the depth of your love.

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