Love is the eternal emotion of human beings

Love is the eternal emotion of human beings, no matter when and where, it is the oldest and freshest topic of human beings.

Love is the eternal emotion of human beings The desire and persistence for love is human nature.

Love makes people young, and love makes people old; love can make everything, and love can destroy everything.

Love needs bread. Love is romantic, but life is realistic. The survival of love depends on the sweetness of me and me alone is far from enough. Love is not a castle in the air, and emotions also need bread. “Empowering each other” is the perfect combination of each other’s emotions and survivability. We often oppose true love and money. In fact, outside of emotion, we will all encounter the problem of “bread”. “Poor and lowly couples mourn for everything”, a beggar couple cannot have a happy love life. Love often appears pale and powerless in the face of the pressure of survival. It may be sweeter and more romantic to talk about love with bread.

Love needs distance and space. Homeland is inseparable from relatives, and people are inseparable from each other. People in love need a little distance. Just like the hedgehog in the winter snow in Schopenhauer’s fable, it hurts when it is close to it, but it is not enough to resist the cold when it is far away. The distance creates a sense of beauty, and the tension of a little distance between each other can create a hazy beauty, which can tie the love of the two people tighter. The spiritual world of man is a rich garden and needs relative independence. Everyone needs some space, not just physical space, but also mental space. Without this space, love cannot grow freely.

Love needs constant renewal. There is eternal love in the world, but there is no solidified love. Love is a river, and its source must have enough water to flow forever. This source of water comes from the emotional exchange and fusion of the two, and from the sublimation and deepening of their understanding of love. Love is the most delicate flower, and she depends on the freshest emotions to survive. She needs sincere sunshine, trusting soil, tolerant spring breeze and caring drizzle. Only when people who love each other have a heart-to-heart bond, blend in with each other, and care and understand each other like their first love, the river of love will not dry up. Love only dies and never grows old. Marriage should be the result of love, not the end of love.

Love needs tolerance. No matter how close the relationship is between two people, there will always be different ideas. Thus, conflict is inevitable. Voltaire said: “What is tolerance? It is a characteristic of human nature. Let us forgive each other’s stupidity. This is the first law of nature.” Time is the natural enemy of love. To overcome time, love needs tolerance and It is not possession, but warmth rather than passion.

Love needs tenderness.

In the emotional world, women should not be too picky and sensitive, exaggerated and contrived, which will lead to men’s boredom. However, “no two sides can’t be a copper plate”, if a woman meets a man who pity her and cherish her, the woman will definitely be more like a woman; and a man who knows how to love a woman must be more like a man. Gentleness is not just a woman’s homework, men also need gentleness. Gentleness is a concept, a thought. Genuine tenderness is never a means, but a thought deep within. And “tenderness is the elixir of immortality in life and love.”

Love is rooted in ordinary little things.

That inadvertent natural reveal reveals the true meaning of love. The test of the innocence of love is often reflected in the care and care of trivial matters. Without the usual emotional accumulation, it is impossible for the two parties who love each other to withstand the great test of living together and dying together. There is no need to insist on pursuing anything profound, ordinary beauty itself is a kind of profound. Without vigorous love, people can also feel the true meaning of love in tranquility. The mystery of life is often not that you achieve miracles, but that you can’t achieve those ordinary wishes.

Longing for the kind of life that is light and cloudless, longing for the kind of life that speaks out, breathes in and breathes, carefree, hand in hand to walk through the ordinary day after day happiness.

“Love is the spark of life. Without love, everything becomes darkness.” Romain Rolland said.

People come to the world because of love, and they live because of love.

Love is a full life…

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