Love is freedom, don’t depend on each other

After a person leaves, the remaining person will find that he has forgotten the true nature of life before he realizes it, he will not make up his mind, hesitant to make a decision, and is anxious about the future… The one who left is the one who left. I’ve come a long way, but what I’ve left behind seems to be unable to continue even my own life.

Love is at ease, don’t rely on it Many people are talking about a feeling a lot of time, that kind of feeling covers love at first sight, mutual affection, mutual affection, raising eyebrows, and growing old together… We politely call it “love”.

Love is a mysterious and mysterious emotion. People who bathe in the river of love, whether they like it or not, always have one person who becomes the support of another person, one person depends on another person, and they have thick shoulders. It has nothing to do, it has nothing to do with temperament, it has nothing to do with the length of time… When you love, one is willing to care for it, and the other is willing to rely on it.

Some people will say that it is good to have someone to depend on! Some people enjoy flowers side by side in spring, some go to the sea together in summer, some people walk hand in hand in autumn, and some people warm their hands carefully in winter… Indeed, when you are in love, you envy others, and when you are drifting away, it is also regrettable.

Zhou Guoping said: “From a man’s point of view, a woman who is too dependent is pitiful, but a woman who is too independent is terrible, and living with them is tiring. It is best to be independent, dependent, and independent in personality. Emotionally dependent, such a woman is lovely, and living with her is easy and fun.”

Of course, it is not only women who suffer from dependence, but many men. Thinking of deep love, true love, and vigorous love, it is inevitable that even oneself will be ignored, and a sincere person will revolve around the so-called beloved. When time passed, the scene changed, and the protagonist changed positions, he realized that what he had loved for many years was just a habit, and even the illusory shadow could no longer be remembered.

If you really love someone, from the beginning, don’t rely too much on them, otherwise you will lose the strength to support yourself after a long time; don’t think about her in everything, consider your own feelings appropriately, and don’t even care about yourself anymore. Who cares about you; don’t get too close to her, keep a certain distance from each other so you can see each other clearly. You must know that love must have your thoughts and your position, otherwise it will not last long.

When you are in love, you always say to yourself that it is difficult to live alone. Love with your heart. It is always better than not seeing each other. After falling in love, you are surprised to find that no one is inseparable from you. If you are inseparable now, it does not mean that you will never be inseparable. Then everyone and everyone will leave. No, we are still alive and well.

I often see and hear people say that being too dependent is not what they think. Everyone wants to learn to be independent and learn to rely on themselves. But… a but, with far-reaching implications. But they really couldn’t, maybe because they weren’t as strong as they thought. Because they are not so strong, as time goes by, they can’t hold too many things in their hearts. The only thing they can hold is that person, that love.

It is too easy to rely on one person, and it is easy to fall into loneliness and loneliness. If you care too much about a person, your mood is often swayed, and it is inevitable that you will be overwhelmed, and your heart will hurt after your heart is moved.

Why is it sad, I don’t know, it just happened suddenly. Because the dependent person is gone, but the dependent feelings are still there. So, when you fall in love with someone, you fall in love with everything about her, and when you lose someone, you not only lose your dependence, but you also lose yourself.

Don’t say it anymore, no one can’t leave the words of another.

Inseparable is just a habit that becomes a habit after dependence. It is a habit, and it is easy to not want to change. No matter when and where, we can live in someone who has given us countless hearts and comforts, and still affects countless beautiful images and aftertastes.

We are not sure who we will live as in the end. We stumbled and stumbled all the way. The words we once said, the sweetness of our mouths, the warmth of our palms, and the indulgence of our bodies gradually became thin, like a dream. When we wake up, the scene of the mirror and the moon in our minds is full of flowers and bleak eyes, but what we need is just love and freedom, don’t depend on it, that’s all.

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