Love is an ideal

When love has problems or hits the rocks, I think of this sentence. Although, I am so hopeful that love can take refuge, maybe in my thoughts, I still look forward to people who have that kind of traditional marriage. However, this sentence is like a good medicine, when I am in pain, I use it to anesthetize myself.

Love has always existed, but it is not eternal. From the beginning to the end of a relationship, we go all the way from expectation to happiness to loss. This process can often make a person mature or silent, and can also make people feel inferior or escape. Injuries always go hand in hand with happiness. While choosing to be happy, we have to be prepared. It is possible that, if you are not careful, you will be injured. Because we care, we feel sharp; because we care, we want more. And because we care, we often forget the distance we should have and hurt each other.

Love is the running water in our life. It can’t be missing, but it can’t be flooded. A small bridge and flowing water is a kind of artistic conception, beautiful but not public; if it becomes a flood, it may drown itself. In our life, we cannot experience too many emotional storms. Losing everything for the sake of love is too much of a loss.

True love is an ideal. Because of reality, love cannot be out of the ordinary. As long as love, not the result is a kind of helplessness. There can be many ways to end, but there are only two endings: one is happiness; the other is breaking up. And the definition of happiness is also difficult to define, so when we pursue love and happiness, we often feel confused. What kind of love is happiness? Are you happy when you are married? Marriage is just a continuation of love. Lucky or not, who can tell?

Love is just an ideal. In reality, love is always sad. People have to learn to be content, but the warmth of love is always so short-lived. When we are greedy for enjoyment, we suddenly disappear…

The ending is just a way, happiness or pain, it is the ending. We love it, but why can’t true love lead to happiness?

The love I want, the happiness I want, is just the hand-to-hand look in the dull days; it is just the happiness accompanying the passage of time every day; it is just a simple greeting every day; it is just warm care when we get along; Beautiful moments as we walk into marriage…

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