love is a practice

If there is no change of the seasons and the flow of time, then all the cause and effect will be so ridiculous. Like a grand baptism without the protagonist. It seems empty and meaningless.

Love is a practice. Flowers bloom and fall, because the seasons change, giving people a sense of beauty. The morning sun rises in the east and the sun sets in the west, that is the earth’s turnover, a law of the world. The alternation of seasons is an instinct of biological growth, giving people a space to live.

We are always entangled in love and hate, we are always cutting and chaotic, and we are always bound by our feelings. We are obviously an independent individual, but in front of love, we are so insignificant and have no choice. In the face of love, everything seems insignificant. As long as there is love, then everything is not a problem. As long as there is love, all problems can be solved. When we are faced with the choice between love and the world, we often say that the world beats love, it is better to say that love is not enough. If the love is deep enough, no distance in time and space can stop the existence of love. They say that love is to be together. This statement is also too shallow. Love is not just being able to be together. Not being together, but leaving a place in my heart, thinking far away, isn’t it love? The two looked at each other from a distance, but it was an unreachable distance. It’s better to miss seeing each other. Forgetting each other in the rivers and lakes, who said it is not a form of love.

But we are always entangled in the pain of getting and not getting. Got it, so what? If I can’t get it, it just lets me experience a kind of Buddha Dharma that I can’t get, and let us understand that not everyone can have everything in the world. Maybe after many years, when we meet, I will still sigh in my heart. Back then, I used to love you so much, but after many years, you are already gray-haired, and I am also old, so I can’t help it. Are you still who you are now years later? Am I still the same person I was years ago? Time is like a dream, as if you still remember when you were young, your rosy cheeks and dimpled smile are still vivid in your memory, and you, do you still remember what I looked like this year?

Seeing each other is worse than not seeing each other, that is a kind of beautiful imagination. Without seeing each other, our memory is still there in time, not eroded by time. When we meet, there are too many differences between facts and imagination, and there are always more or less sadness and sighs. jingke86y

Love is a practice. Maybe in my last life, I owed you, and you owed him. In return, I fell in love with you, and you fell in love with him. In the end, such a cycle developed between us. Whoever has a deep practice will be able to cultivate into a positive fruit. Is it your persistence or my forbearance, which one will it be in the end? Perhaps, even the Buddha would not know about this, and there is a question mark left to disturb you, me, and him.

Love or not love, why do you have to force it, just like that sentence, it is yours, whatever you do is yours, not yours, you can’t get it no matter what you want. Why is there such a thing, hurting one’s own heart, embarrassing others, and putting everyone in a dilemma. I love you, it’s my business, not yours, and I don’t want to disturb your life. Maybe, slowly, you will forget that there was such a person in your life. Maybe many years later, you will suddenly remember that there was such a person who loved you like that. The pure love of you back then, the unknown you now, how are you?

Love is a practice. In this practice, who will achieve the true fruition? Whoever it is, I believe, we will all grow, grow into a texture of love and a baptism of soul.

In the long life, let love penetrate life, and together with the heartbeat, face this beautiful, splendid, sad, and missed time like water. Like a kind of lightning strike, it will make your momentary confusion and knocking disappear. And we can live more free and easy, detached, and our views on some things will be more clear and clear.

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