Love is a compromise grace

Two people quarreled, and in the end, one of them admitted defeat first and apologized. I would say that the one who admitted defeat first did not really lose, but he cared too much about the feelings along the way. And the apology at this time is the elegant display of love. When the vigor and vigor gradually drifts away, whether they can help each other is the final test of love.

After how many fates, two people finally came together. Once one person became two, when I became us, the beauty of being together will be perfectly displayed, but the road of love is not so It is smooth sailing, and it takes two people to work together for a long time and have a tacit understanding of each other to be perfect. Maybe she is still angry, maybe she didn’t give him tenderness, she still has a cold face, but who can deny the steaming food on the table, who can deny the clothes that have been ironed, these are love, because Treasure in the bones, so it will be so elegant.

In fact, it is not difficult to meet everyone’s love and being loved. It’s hard to find love that is one. If the person you love and the person you love are not the same person, then love is still a thousand miles away from you! Love is a spark created by two people, not a lonely one-man show. Don’t think it’s love when you fall in love with someone else, if she doesn’t fall in love with you. Then, no matter how urgently you follow her footsteps, it’s just one person’s wishful thinking. Even if you are sincere in the end, and she is open, this is by no means a perfect love. Because love cannot be exchanged, so when two people fall in love, the person who compromises is often the one who cares the most, because he understands how difficult it is to love each other.

When your love is exchanged for a feeling of gratitude. This can’t be called love, that is why someone is nice to you, but you just can’t love it, because you don’t understand compromise in front of him, you think all his love is due, so It really ignores the true meaning of love.

The concentric lock in the lake is a testimony of the love of two people, and the repair of the concentric lock is so difficult. One person gave up a lot to guard this relationship, and the other person needs to pursue hard to catch up with the rhythm of her love , this kind of infatuation will definitely be the perfect embodiment of love to pure and true. Her thoughts are floating, and the one you think about is also thinking of you.

Each of us can’t stand loneliness, and agitated feelings are on the verge of breaking out. Just outside this world, love is transparent and clearly visible. It seems that only feelings are really worth pursuing, and other things are fleeting and fleeting. As a result, the restless hearts began to look for a place to live where they could no longer be alone. When two people who want to love come together, it becomes love. But in many cases, having a person or a relationship cannot satisfy your need for love. After being together for a long time, it will inevitably feel boring. Although freshness cannot determine everything, it can still affect people with poor emotional self-control. Betrayal, a very serious word, is also the fatal wound in love.

Love is a kind of compromising elegance, but it does not mean that someone can do whatever they want under the umbrella of love, because they are too fond of love and do not want love to be covered in shame, so once it exceeds the limit that love can tolerate, this Elegance will disappear, no matter how much you regret it, it will not help, so the elegance of love has a limit.

People who can be in love forever are worthy of respect. There are many couples in this world who have not had a vigorous love, but their mutual support has written a myth of love without age. We are impetuous, and in the rush of love During the fierce season, we were so resolute that we only had each other in our eyes. When this enthusiasm disappears, we suddenly can’t find the original meaning of love, because we don’t understand the calmness of love, let alone the elegant art of love.

In fact, love is to find a warm person to spend a lifetime. No matter what the temptation of the prosperity in the world is, they can withstand each other, and two hearts that are only close to each other are enough. Don’t deliberately hurt the people around you, sometimes I think about how wonderful it would be if all the people in this world understood love. Cherish those who love you, those who have always protected you by your side, and who have always treated you as a treasure. That person is really precious. When he is by your side, you don’t know that you really love him that much, and you even think that the love you get is deserved, and you rarely realize his importance. Sometimes I feel tired, sometimes I feel a lack of passion, but when you don’t have him nagging by your side, no one cares about you, no one cares about your pain, you suddenly find that you have lost the one you have always loved the most. people. You have to learn to love him, you have to learn the grace of love, and occasionally tolerate his temper, at this time he will love you more.

Because love is a kind of compromise grace, if you learn to cherish the love in this lifetime, this will be the best interpretation of emotion, and also the true meaning of your lifetime love.

Whenever I think of someone, maybe my tears are already wet, maybe I regret that I didn’t learn to compromise.

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