Love her, love her

Love her and love her. When you fall in love with a woman, you must tell her loudly. Girls are very reserved, and at the same time are prone to insecurity. If you love her, tell her it doesn’t matter how many times you say it. “I love you” three words, girls will never get tired of hearing them. When you don’t love her anymore, don’t hurt her. A man can try his best not to hurt a woman. He would rather put the blame on himself than say it’s because he doesn’t love her anymore. A woman’s heart is very fragile, easily injured and not easy to recover. Don’t think that old husbands and wives can’t be sweet and romantic. Women are little women after all. No woman can resist a gentle man.

Men have self-esteem, and so do women. Don’t mind that sometimes women have little vanity among their friends because they have confidence in you, so they hope you are better than others.

When she is shopping, no matter how tired you are or how much you don’t want to watch her try on a set of clothes, don’t be impatient, because women’s nature is to go shopping, and go shopping with their loved ones , It is a moment to reflect your love. Although your task is the expenditure of labor and wealth, you should feel that it is worthwhile to see a woman’s beaming expression.

Women have a few days every month, the light ones have bad temper, and the heavy ones are like being seriously ill. Women are born to be taken care of. It was even more so in those days, so being gentle with her would definitely benefit men in the future.

Women need company, not always for the invitation of their friends and brothers, not drinking, or playing cards. It is okay to go for entertainment occasionally, but women still need to accompany them. Dealing with the relationship between the two is always beneficial.

Women like to do laundry and cook for their loved ones, and help you arrange everything properly. That’s an expression of love for you. Does that mean that sometimes you cook a meal to make women happy? Occasional surprises are to promote both parties. An effective way of feeling.

When a woman tells you, “I’m strong, don’t worry about me”, you must pay attention, women’s strength is only for men. Generally speaking, a woman is weak, when she becomes strong It may be time to leave you. So you must spoil women at all times and treat them like babies or children.

Don’t let a woman despair emotionally. When a woman is despairing of her relationship, it is also the most difficult time to change her decision. Don’t hurt women at any time, women can’t stand hurt.

To love a woman is to pamper her, love her, hold it in the palm of your hand for fear of running away, and put it in your mouth for fear of melting.

What a woman needs is actually very simple, as long as a man who loves her is enough. When a man pursues his career, he treats love with a little bit of seriousness, and a woman will repay it with a lifetime of affection.

If you don’t love her anymore, let her go. Don’t enjoy her care and tenderness in vain, and then carelessly look for other girls, only to say we break up after you find them, or just tread on two boats.

Don’t act like a big man calling you around in front of your friends and her friends. A woman is willing to take care of you and satisfy your big man’s preference for “three obedience and four virtues” because she loves you and she spoils you, but it does not mean that she is willing to be regarded as a servant and a vassal.

The things you promised her should be done no matter how small. Women all want to have a strong shoulder to rely on and want to tell you everything about her, but if you can’t even do small things well, how can she rely on you? When she says something you don’t agree with, don’t blame or be indifferent, so how can she trust you and tell you what’s on your mind?

Don’t always play games or use the computer when you are together. When you are having a good time, she may already feel left out, and you are only paying attention to your computer.

There are always a few days when a woman has her period, and it is impossible to control it with reason at that time. No matter how hysterical, unreasonable, and moody she is, you have to coax her into being tolerant of her. Never show displeasure and impatience.

Don’t always yearn to say that you want three wives and four concubines, that ancient men are really happy, and that you want to have a threesome. She treats you as her only and wants you to treat her as her only. You often say this, can she rest assured to let you go out to meet sisters, sisters and friends? Don’t always praise your confidante in front of her, and don’t care more about other women than her. A woman is a sensitive animal, it’s not that she doesn’t trust you, she just cares too much about you and hopes you can do the same.

Don’t always stare at other women in front of her, and don’t always admire other people’s beauty. Or why you can’t how. A woman hopes that what you love is what she is now, and that she is the most beautiful, sexiest, most important and most important person in your heart.

No matter how virtuous and maternal a woman is, she is still a child in her bones. Don’t always expect her to think about you, be considerate of your feelings, and focus on you. She also hopes to be capricious like a child, and hope that someone will spoil her like a child, take care of her and care for her, and not just ask her for love and tolerance like a child.

If you did something wrong and hurt her, you need to admit it, and take action to accompany her. Occasionally letting go of the so-called man’s face can warm her hurt heart. Don’t say that you want to change it next time or make it again. She can forgive you for occasional mistakes, but she can’t tolerate mistakes again and again.

Never betray. Don’t think “the red flag at home doesn’t fall, the flags flutter outside”, don’t think of women as clothes.

Give her a real sense of security, not necessarily marriage. It is: poor or rich, healthy or sick, loving each other and never leaving, until death separates us.

In fact, many women are very strong on the outside, but they are still weak on the inside, and need to be cared for by men. She doesn’t care how much money you give her, but she will always remember the rose flower that you mischievously stole from the roadside flower bed and put into her hands. A kiss from behind you when she’s busy in the kitchen will make her feel happy and sweet. When you cross the street, you on the left hold her hand tightly, no matter what age, it will make her feel safe.

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