Love Advice – Hold Me For One Minute Every Day

I have heard such an old story. A hard-working farmer, of course, is a young man. His family is very poor, and he has no relatives or reasons. No one can wash and cook for him, and his life is embarrassing. But he also had a love for beauty, so he bought a picture of beauty and put it on the wall of the thatched hut. He may have been staring at it all the time.

One day he came back from the field and found that the food was ready and still hot. Although it felt strange, he still ate it. For three days in a row, it was like this every day. On the fourth day, he wanted to find out, so he pretended to carry a hoe and went to the ground, slipped back early and quietly squatted in the crack of the door and peeked in. Wow, incredible! The beautiful fairy in the painting fluttered and fell slowly from the wall, ready to cook for him. He burst into ecstasy, pushed the door and rushed in, startling the beauty, and hurriedly turned around and flew back to the painting, but it was too late, and he was hugged by his hands. He had to marry her. The beauty refused at first, but then reluctantly agreed. But put forward a condition: “I can’t go out to work on rainy days”. What is this condition? The young man readily agreed.

Day after day, month after month, the two live happily ever after. One day it suddenly rained heavily, and the woman remembered that the sauce jar was not covered, so she urged the man to go out and cover it. The man refused to move, and the woman just went by herself, but it was poured by the rain and stuck to the sauce jar.

It is very easy for a man to fall in love with a woman, the key is whether it can last.

I read such a story in the newspaper, and I never forget it.

The story is about a young couple. After having a child, they began to live in separate beds. The tired and nervous parrying of work during the day and the monotonous and hectic work on the children at night made the conversation between the two less and less.

“I have a solemn request.” The woman first realized the crisis lurking between them. One day, she said to a man.
“What request?” the man asked casually.
“Hold me for a minute every day”.
The man glanced at the woman and smiled: “Is it necessary?”
“I made this request, and it proved to be very necessary; when you asked this question, it proved even more necessary.”
“Love is in my heart, why should I express it?”
“If you didn’t express it at the beginning, we wouldn’t be able to get married.”
“It was originally, isn’t it deeper now?”
“If you don’t express it, it may not be deep, and if you express it, it may not be pretentious.”
The two quarreled. In the end, in order to quell the war as soon as possible, they went to bed and rested, and the men cooperated. He walked to the bed, hugged the woman for a minute, and said with a smile, “You vain fellow”.
“Every woman is vain about love.”
After that, every day, he would take time to hold her for a while, sometimes for a minute, sometimes for ten minutes, sometimes for one or several hours. After hugging her many times, he would joke: “I’ve finished today’s task again.”
“The task of love is the task of happiness, and one day you will understand,” the woman said.
Gradually, the relationship between the two was filled with a fresh harmony. When hugging every day, although the two often don’t say anything, this silence and the silence when they are not hugging are completely different in context and meaning.
Finally, one day, the woman will go to a long-term study in a far away place. Before getting on the train, she said to him, “You are finally free from this task temporarily.”
“I’m afraid I’ll miss this mission.” The man smiled.

Sure enough, she received a call from him the day after she arrived at the academy: “The task of love is the task of happiness, I understand.” The man’s voice was unusually warm on the phone. “Every day I have to make a one-minute call to you, just like my one-minute hug every day. You can answer it or not, as long as you hear that ringtone and think of me, I’m satisfied.”

The woman’s eyes suddenly overflowed into two deep springs.

Indeed, for men and women who love each other, after the collision of passion, the marriage is as simple as a village girl. People often use the excuse of “insipid is true” to escape the numbness and roughness of the long-held feelings, but they don’t understand that if we are used to managing love day by day as we are used to neglecting love day by day, then, The love that is placed in our palms and chests will never be cold.

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