List of girls’ favorite gifts

Almost all boys have felt the fear and powerlessness of being dominated by gifts. Sometimes the money is spent and the mind is used a lot, but the girls are just not satisfied.

You must be careful when giving gifts to girls, and give them according to her preferences and recent needs.

If she likes to take pictures, you can give her a camera and Polaroid; if she likes to paint, you can choose a set of watercolors for her; if she likes music, you can give her ukulele, guitar…

The premise is that you have to understand her. If you haven’t reached the stage of being very familiar, it doesn’t matter. ROFIYTI has also summarized a list of “it’s right to send these”, which can be used anytime.

1. For girls, bags are healing and can drive away all troubles.

If you encounter unhappy things in life, you can buy a bag and you will be fine. No way, just buy two.

If you want to give a bag to a girl, you can go to the counter to pick it up and buy a classic or new style. Girls have no reason not to like it.
Gift bags do not necessarily have to be famous brands. Some niche bags on the market have a strong sense of design and are cost-effective.

Before buying, it is best to ask female friends around you to see which styles and colors look good, and ask them how to buy.

2. Perfume, girls' love for perfume can't be described in words.

Before heading out, spritz on a nice perfume for a “I’m the best” feeling.

Whether it is light or slightly rich, as long as you send it with a high value and unique fragrance, they will definitely like it.

3. Lipstick, for a woman, lipstick can never be too much.

Many girls may go out without makeup, but lipstick must be applied!
However, do you think that so many lipsticks, the color looks the same, there is no difference at all.

When you are dazzled, don’t buy it casually. If the color number is not good, be careful of girls turning their faces.

You can describe the girl’s skin color to the counter service staff and ask them to recommend it for you. You can also ask your female friends about which color is more popular recently.

Of course, if you’re too lazy to pick, you can…buy a set!


4. Skin care products, it is also a good choice to send skin care products for girls, but if you don’t know the skin type of girls, don’t give them water essences, it is recommended to send masks.

If the budget is still sufficient, you can also send skin care instruments, beauty instruments, cleansing instruments and the like.
If you give girls these, say again: “I’m a man who doesn’t know much about these things. I’ve chosen for a long time, I hope you like it.” She will think that you are very attentive.

Well, I recommend these first today. In fact, gifts for girls are mainly about quality, not quantity. If you have a budget of $500, you might as well buy a brand-name lipstick instead of buying a bunch of chocolates.

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