Let go of what is missed

I have to say that time is really the best span in this world. Some promises and oaths have finally been defeated by time. No matter how beautiful the memories are, they cannot stand the fleeting years. Some people miss it and finally have to let go….

In the past, there was always a person who used to be your heart full of joy, but now you keep silent. He broke into our lives and brought us moving and beautiful, but at a certain moment, he was taken away from us unexpectedly, leaving a place of memories.

When I said all kinds of promises and oaths, I also believed that you were my little luck. It was you who made me believe that there is still beauty in this world, but in the end you left me, and in the end you and I became passers-by in each other’s lives.

We missed it, I once fantasized about forever and ever; I once fantasized about walking hand in hand with you on the road at dusk. But after all, you left, leaving me only memories. I thought you could come back by keeping the memories, but I was wrong, I didn’t wait for your turn after all, I finally knew that if I missed it, I missed it and I couldn’t come back. I finally decided to let it go…

I finally made up my mind to return you to the crowd! In fact, I was forcing myself to let go slowly a long time ago. Every time I listened to your high-sounding words, I almost believed that I would have a future with you…

I’m not as good at disguising as you, I can’t learn to be the worst person, and I don’t want to waste too much time and energy waiting for an impossible result! Although you are the first to be tempted and emotional, and you are the one who took the initiative and retained countless times, I still can’t learn to be the person you desire.

There are joys, ups and downs, and sorrows along the way. I remember you once said to me: “There are too many sadness and ups and downs along the way, you must cherish it…” You also said: “I don’t have to worry about it, you will cherish you and protect me…” These words sounded in my ears like yesterday, so sweet and clear. But I don’t want to wait and expect like this, I’m going to go back, go back to my origin, go back to the place where I didn’t start with you…

Your promises and oaths are always too far away, and you are always too ethereal. When I’m not the only one in your life, I’d rather leave than struggle with a broken love.

You are always the predestined fate and calamity in my life, and we also missed it after all! If God could come over again, I would bypass the place where I met you. If I meet you, there may be no results, but I can also let go.

I can’t torture myself with those memories, and I don’t want to live every day in such a decadent and numb way. Everything you gave will only make me unable to put it down in the swamp of memories. After you left, in every familiar scene, I will always think of you involuntarily. Seeing a familiar back, I was saddened and wept.

I have tried to put away those things and even block everything related to you. Until the end, I have to admit that it takes extra effort to even forget someone you love with your heart.

I also tried to save it, tried to make up for it, but in the end it was too pale and powerless. This is the helplessness of the world, and I have to admit that I missed you after all, and I should let it go…

Now I have finally learned how to let go, and I have finally learned that the real letting go is to face all of you calmly and calmly. No matter how many times I heard your name, I no longer had ripples. I finally accepted it. You can only accompany me for one ride, and you will not be able to participate in the rest of my life.

Thank you for everything you taught me, including those unfulfilled promises… Maybe you will say that you loved me, but I still decided to return you to the crowd. …

I can finally easily say that we missed it, you are the wrong person after all, and I also decided to let it go! The rest of my life is very long, let go of the wrong person, in order to embrace the happiness that belongs to me.

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