It’s so fun to kiss you . —Sweet Kiss Part 2

After the first kiss, you have left a good impression on the other party and planted the seeds of desire. The next intimate contact should continue the shyness and tension of the last time a little, and gradually transition to the fact that kissing you is so fun, so interesting, and become playful, diluting the concentration of pornography as much as possible.

Step 1:

At this time, your body is not as stiff and tense as the first time. You are already willing to accept being intimate with him, but you still have to be shy, nod slightly, bite your lower lip, and act shy.

Step 2:

 Give the control to the other party, and look at the other party with your watery but not so big eyes affectionately. At this time, the girl’s hand is no longer suitable for the other party’s chest. If you can’t find a place to put it , you can choose to grab the other side’s clothes.

Step 3:

Control the time of affectionate gaze at about 10 sec, and then use the power of the corner of the clothes to slowly approach the opponent, so that your tense and stiff body gradually softens, so that the opponent realizes that your defense has been captured.

Note that at this time, I still do not recommend kissing too deeply. “Kissing”, “embracing” and “playful” are the key words at this stage.

After talking so much, many girls said that it was too troublesome. Facing the person I love, I can’t control the power of the flood in my body at all. What should I do?

Don’t worry, I’m just talking very detailed. This series of actions and reactions doesn’t take too long. Girls who are more reserved can choose to divide it into two appointments, and girls who are more straightforward can choose between 3-5 Complete the 7 steps of the first two stages in minutes, all in one go.

If you haven’t reached the stage of have sex after your first kiss, and you don’t want to have sex too soon, you can choose to give each other a goodbye kiss after the date. Don’t hold back, let the other person feel your love with this kiss and send a signal of hope for the next date.

For a parting kiss, it is not recommended to kiss each other’s lips, because your relationship has just begun, don’t be too intimate. You can try other parts, such as the forehead, eyes, tip of the nose, cheeks, chin, and even the naked neck of the other party, these parts can be kissed gently.

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