Is there pure friendship between men and women?

As a digital nomad, I did “picked up” a lot of friends on the road, some of them of the same sex, and certainly not of the opposite sex.

If I have a genuine friendship with someone of the opposite sex, when I look back on our initial conversations, I see that it was often out of gender – I don’t remember what gender I was and didn’t realize the other person what gender.

Our conversations happen naturally in a scene and are based on some consensus, not courtship.

Also, I’m a gender pluralist, and I often feel that gender is just a set of clothes that people can put on and take off.

If you feel that what you wear doesn’t affect the kind of people you make friends with, so should your gender – when you make friends with this kind of openness, you don’t match the gender of the other person. Can it affect your communication?

And it’s said that everyone’s sexuality is fluid, can you guarantee that it will always be pure friendship with the same sex?

Going further, isn’t every friend a bisexual or pansexual person makes “pure”?

The hypothesis that “there is no pure friendship between men and women” can actually be falsified after a little deduction – because there must be a pair of men and women who have pure friendship in the world, so “there is no pure friendship between men and women” is false.

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