Is teenage sexual repression harmful to the body?

Adolescents are sexually mature, and they have a strong psychological and physical need to be in close contact with the opposite sex. However, at this age, they are not financially independent, their psychological development is immature, and they cannot get married. Unmarried cohabitation does not conform to social norms. Sexual psychology experts pointed out that excessive suppression of sexual desire in adolescent children is very detrimental to their physical and mental health, and some young people have no self-control due to adverse effects, and sexual indulgence has consequences. Parents and schools should consciously and actively educate young people on sexual emotions and sexual ethics, so that they can understand a series of physical and psychological changes brought about by sexual maturity, remove the mystery of sex, and use scientific methods to correctly treat sexual impulses.

Many people learn about sex through self-exploration and film and television dramas. They are curious and guilty about sex, and feel both mysterious and fearful. In addition to psychological and physical education, sex education also includes education on sexual ethics, sexual hygiene, and sexual emotions. Sexual impulses during adolescence can be alleviated by physical exercise, diversion, sublimation, etc., but now there are small videos and pictures online. , pop-up windows, and offline billboard advertisements are full of sexual cues. For teenagers with poor self-control, it is impossible to divert their attention. When children reach the age of adolescence, parents should give enough privacy. Give your child a lockable room and knock on the door before entering the child’s room to make him feel safe. If you know that your child is masturbating, you should not blame it, let alone use exaggeration and intimidation to stop it. This will increase the burden on their minds. You should conduct positive psychological counseling. If the situation is serious, you should take them to see a psychiatrist.

There was a high school girl who masturbated to once a day and felt that she was insane, perverted, abnormal, but didn’t know how to get rid of this behavior. Moderate masturbation is normal and a reasonable catharsis. It is not only harmless, but also beneficial to the body and mind. However, because the world does not have a correct understanding of masturbation, it is labeled as “obscene”, “illegal” and “obscene”. Words such as these bring a great mental burden to people. However, excessive masturbation will cause symptoms such as lethargy, weakness of will, loss of appetite, dizziness, insomnia, etc. Therefore, we must learn to control ourselves with positive self-suggestion and strong will. When interacting with the opposite sex, we should grasp the benefits and health of the activities and avoid Vulgar content.

Adolescents should learn sexual knowledge consciously and actively, and should accept and discuss sexual issues calmly like all scientific knowledge. Learning sexual knowledge is precisely to better understand oneself, recognize the opposite sex, better maintain the sexual purity of one’s youth, and learn to control one’s words and deeds. Stay away from unhealthy things, take part in more healthy and beneficial activities, and focus on work, study and things you are interested in. If you encounter the opposite sex you like, you must take safety measures. Wearing a condom can prevent pregnancy while also preventing pregnancy. prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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