Is “sex addiction” a disease? —What is sex addiction? Part 1

Sex addiction is also called orgasm addiction, hypersexual disorder. The full name is sex addiction, which refers to the individual’s strong, forced continuous or periodic sexual impulse behavior. If these sexual impulses are not satisfied, it will produce a painful feeling of anxiety and anxiety.

Most of this happens to men in their 30s and 40s, and there are women too. The most famous is the power supply “Female Addicts”, (there is a movie at the end of the article for benefits) You can also refer to our previous article “Female Sex Addicts” : Behind the addiction is the display of human nature.

Why does sex addiction happen? Is sex addiction just a desire to be stronger than the average person? What are the consequences of sex addiction?

First of all, sex addiction is definitely not a simple libido stronger than others. Sex addiction is a disease that requires timely intervention or treatment. And strong sexual desire is just easier to arouse than ordinary people. It can be understood as a low sexual sensitivity point. Anything involving the opposite sex (or the same sex or an item) can arouse sexual desire. After a few minutes, a little longer, or a reasonable release, the libido will automatically subside and there will be no physiological needs for a long time ranging from hours to days.

For people with sex addiction, their sexual desire will not or rarely disappear automatically, and after they are satisfied, they will have a strong need within a short period of time. And so on, until they’re exhausted, they’ll want to keep going. And when they are not satisfied and released, they will have feelings of pain, anxiety, anxiety and so on.

Sexual desire ≠ sex addiction. Libido is only controllable at a certain moment or stage. Sex addiction is long-term, uncontrollable, and seriously affects the normal life of oneself or a partner.

What are the manifestations of sex addiction?

Common manifestations are: compulsive sexual behavior, uncontrolled sexual behavior and hypersexuality, unrealistic sexual fantasies and actual implementation. Because sex affects daily life, work, lies, annoyance after sex, guilt, etc.

Compulsive sexual behavior: Forced to have repeated sexual relations with one or more sexual objects, strong dissatisfaction after sexual behavior has occurred, need to have sexual behavior again or again, long-term uncontrollable sexual impulse, forcing oneself to have sex and Sexually related activities to obtain physical or psychological “pleasure”.

Out of Control Sexual Behavior: Can’t control what happens during sex, common in SM’s out-of-control dangerous gameplay. (common asphyxia, sexual violence)

Excessive sexual fantasies: Uncontrollable thinking about sex-related images and scenes all the time. If you have a little sexual desire, you will not be able to control your desire to be satisfied immediately, otherwise you will become nervous, impatient, and restless.

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