Is it possible to have sex quickly in a relationship?

Regarding how long it takes to fall in love, I once read a very good answer on the Internet:

Three days, a yesterday that doesn’t mind the past, a today that cherishes each other, and a tomorrow that doesn’t regret.

Although this answer can break women’s self-imposed limitations on the time of sexual activity, it is too metaphysical to have practical guiding significance. So the question is, when is the most suitable time to go to bed, and it is most beneficial to this relationship, is there any standard for reference?

A girl was similarly confused. She said: Every time a relationship starts, I don’t know when I can have sex, so it’s always decided by the other party and I’ll have sex soon. I don’t think two people have to get married to have sex, but they don’t want to be so fast either, I don’t know what my own standards are?

First, I invited a friend to think about this from the perspective of a man. Maybe you’ll understand right away when it’s time to have sex is not a problem for men. Usually men care about having sex as soon as possible. When it happens, they will have a sense of satisfaction that they have already received. Some men even have sex after sleeping. There is a significant drop in attention and commitment in this relationship.

The relationship between the sexes is especially like a tug-of-war. Two people each pull one end of the rope and maintain a certain tension. This tug-of-war game is going on. If the two sides are evenly matched, keep the tension, keep pulling, and keep deepening, then the relationship will continue to deepen. If the man’s mentality is to win the game rather than maintain this fun “game”, then once he goes to bed, the game will herald the victory of the man, he will no longer want to play, and the relationship will gradually be on the verge of disintegration .

In my opinion, sex is the tension in the rope in the tug-of-war competition. Note that this competition is not for one side to win, but to pull each other to the torrent of destiny together like playing a game. Passionate sex can give two lives a good experience, link the two lives tightly together, and resist all kinds of sunshine, wind and frost, rain and dew of life.

If we think about it further, we can compare the first time two people have sex to the feeling of “the first time in a tug-of-war match when two people who are far away pull the rope straight and really feel each other’s existence”.

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