Is it healthier for guys to ejaculate more during sex

Many people mistakenly believe that more semen means better sexual function.

In fact, male sexual function is related to factors such as age, androgen and estrogen levels, physical strength and mental status, and is not directly related to semen volume.

but! The quality of semen is related to the next generation, so when some male friends accidentally discover that there is something wrong with the semen, they will be very nervous, afraid that what disease they have will affect their future fertility!

Don’t worry, in fact, you can make some simple judgments about the quality of semen at home.

A comprehensive examination of semen usually includes the following 8 items:

1. Semen volume

Under normal circumstances, every time a boy fires, the amount of ammunition is about 2-6ml, which is equivalent to the cap of a mineral water bottle.

If the semen volume is less than 1.5 ml or more than 7 ml, it should be regarded as abnormal.

Too little semen is more common in androgen deficiency, proximal ejaculatory duct obstruction, partial retrograde ejaculation, and severe inflammation of the accessory gonads. Excessive semen volume is common in patients with seminal vesiculitis. Too little or too much semen can lead to infertility.

2. Look at the color

The color of normal semen is milky white or light yellow, with a special fishy smell.

The most likely cause of yellow semen is prolonged abstinence.

Because new sperm and seminal plasma are produced every day, if they are not discharged within a suitable time, they will die or be absorbed. During this process, the semen will gradually turn yellow and deepen.

This is a normal physiological phenomenon, so don’t worry too much.

3. Liquefaction

The semen is viscous liquid when it is just ejected, and soon it condenses into a jelly due to the action of the coagulase secreted by the seminal vesicle, and then returns to a liquid state within 5 to 30 minutes due to the action of the liquefaction enzyme secreted by the prostate.

If it does not liquefy for more than half an hour, it is abnormal.

If the semen does not liquefy and cannot swim, it is a bit dangerous! It is recommended to go to the hospital for a check in time.

4. Viscosity

Semen that is too thick or too thin is not good.

It is usually observed whether the semen is too viscous, and the semen can be picked up with a needle.

And if the semen liquefies as thin as water and translucent, the semen is likely to have very few sperm or even no sperm.

But whether it is too thick or too thin, it is not absolute evidence of infertility, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for further examination and diagnosis.

5. Smell

The smell of normal semen is fishy. When the semen has a distinct smell, tasteless or other abnormal smell, it often indicates that our semen is likely to have problems, and we should seek medical attention in time.

Through the understanding of the above aspects, we can do a preliminary self-examination of our semen, but the specific semen quality should be based on the inspection of the hospital.

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