Is it a psychological problem for women to be “frigid” in sexual relations?

“Sex” is the most intimate act in a relationship. So if there is an obstacle in this intimate behavior, it is bound to affect this relationship. Whether in a relationship or in a marriage.

So, let’s take a look at what conditions can cause sexual disorders in women.

For example, the legendary “frigidity”.

1. Women's "sexual" pleasure inhibition

This situation usually occurs with girls who grew up in very strict households. In childhood education, the over-emphasis on girls’ self-esteem and self-love may make girls feel that they are being corrected because of some inappropriate actions. Then, when she grows up, the girl will feel uncomfortable, even ashamed, about her naked body and the skin-to-skin relationship with men.

In this feeling, sexual pleasure is suppressed. Naturally, it is impossible to have good sexual activities with men.

2. Object relationship confusion

In China, very few women have sex with each other without knowing each other.

Because it involves a trust issue.

Most women are defensive when approached by a strange man.

But if it is a man he knows, he has further contact and has a good impression. Then the chances of having sex will increase dramatically.

So for women whose object relationship is not so stable, it is more difficult for her to establish a stable trust relationship with her boyfriend. In other words, can the man in front of him be as good to him as ever? She wasn’t sure either.

In such a situation of hesitation, if the boyfriend has been initiating sexual demands, even if the woman agrees half-heartedly, it will make it difficult to carry out high-quality sexual activities in this distrust of the relationship.

3. Dissatisfaction with the man

When the man does not pay attention to his self-image, such as odor on his body, poor personal hygiene habits, etc., it will lead to the rejection of the woman.

Because of sexual activity, it is the woman who allows the man to enter her body. If the man is a sloppy and unclean image, then the woman will inevitably resist and avoid when she has physical contact with him.

4. Screening of women's physical problems

Generally speaking, there are many psychological factors in the “sexual” disorder. For example: Pain during intercourse.

During sex, a woman’s Bartholin glands secrete enough fluid to lubricate the vagina.

But if women feel anxious because of these or other factors. Anxiety activates the sympathetic nerves and releases adrenaline. Then the function of the Bartholin glands to secrete body fluids will be inhibited.

Women’s vaginas, if they are not lubricated, are prone to painful intercourse.

In addition, women’s physical characteristics are also different from men’s. The pudendal plexus in women is more diffuse.

Unlike men, which are concentrated in the penis, scrotum, etc., women’s sexual pleasure or orgasm is difficult to predict.

Then, if the man feels that it is difficult for the woman to be pleased in the relationship between the two sexes, and the woman is also dissatisfied with the sex life, the two should communicate with each other.

For example, the woman can tell the man what kind of way she would enjoy more. If you just expect the man to comprehend by himself, it will be more difficult.

Of course, if the woman has changed multiple boyfriends and found that she is unable to have sex, then she can seek medical advice.

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