Is drunk sex real or fake

According to Taiwan Daily News, a 24-year-old Austrian student, Matthias Maier, was drunk on the streets of Russe, Bulgaria. Later, he actually rode on a bronze lion statue and made a copulation with it.

Mel took his trousers down to his ankles. When he was “ecstasy” with the bronze lion statue, he was found by two local policemen and arrested him immediately.

Mel didn’t know he was in trouble until he sobered up. He pleaded guilty to molesting in public and pleaded that he had never committed a crime before and was just drunk at the time of the crime.

Sexual disorder after drinking is one of the topics that people often gossip about. Some people say that this is just an excuse for men to come here, but some people say that after drinking, they really can’t control themselves and can’t remember.

So is drunken sex real or fake?

Alcohol disorder usually expresses a behavior, that is, after drinking alcohol, the normal temperament changes due to the stimulation of alcohol on the central nervous system of the brain, and some unusual and irrational things are done.

Since drunkenness refers to a behavior, we have to analyze the influence of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) on people’s behavior.

Blood alcohol concentration is a measure of alcohol intoxication used for legal or medical purposes. The usual unit of measure is: the mass or volume percentage of alcohol in a unit volume of blood.

Calculation of the amount of alcohol: Take a 70KG male drinking 42% liquor within 2 hours as an example
How to calculate the amount of alcohol

The calculation of alcohol consumption is based on the formula for calculating blood alcohol concentration (EBAC=A/(r*WT)-ß*T) developed by Swedish professor Erik Widmark in the 1920s:

-A is the quality of alcohol consumed [alcohol quality = drinking amount * alcohol degree * 0.8 (alcohol density)]

-r is the ratio of body water to total weight. The average for men is about 0.68

-Wt is weight

– Beta is the rate at which alcohol is metabolized. is approximately 0.017% per hour

-T is the amount of time alcohol has been present in the blood (usually since it was started)

Through the above calculation method we can calculate the mass of alcohol consumed:

That is, 0.01%=A/(0.68*78000)-0.017%*2, from here we can conclude that the alcohol quality, that is, the value of A is 20.944;

According to the calculation formula of alcohol quality, it can be concluded that the amount of drinking = 20.944/0.8/0.42, which is about 62.3g.

From this, we can roughly calculate the amount of drinking in the four stages. (Due to metabolism and drinking habits, each person’s actual situation will vary)

Why do you say drinking can help sex?

It’s okay to drink a little wine, and it’s more interesting to be sweet at night.

For ordinary people, proper drinking can better wake up male erection. Studies have shown that moderate amounts of alcohol can increase the blood supply in the body, which promotes penile erection in men.

Because phenolic substances in wine can promote platelet activity by reducing the synthesis of prostanoids in arachidonic acid, while phenolic substances increase the content of vitamin E, and reduce the oxidative stress of platelets. oxidation.

At the same time, moderate drinking can slightly inhibit the central nervous system of the brain, relieve the tension of the body, and release the pressure of the brain. On the other hand, it reduces the introduction of sexual pleasure in the process of sexual life, so that men’s ejaculation latency during sexual life is prolonged, and the sex time is improved.

This situation is generally in the first and second stages of the effect of blood alcohol concentration on people’s behavior, that is, the normal state and the excited state.

But because the brain is in a relatively sober state, morality and law have a binding effect on people’s own behavior at this time. Therefore, these two stages will make the sexual arousal stronger, but not reach the point of drunken disorder.

Why do you say you can lose sex after drinking?

A small amount of drinking will hurt your body, and a lot of drinking will seriously affect male sexual behavior.

Heavy drinking can suppress testosterone production in the testes. Testosterone synthesis requires NAD+, however the metabolism of alcohol reduces the proportion of NAD+ synthesis in the testes.

This leads to a decrease in testosterone, which is essential for libido and physical arousal, so heavy drinking tends to have a detrimental effect on men’s sexuality.

Most studies have found that the blood alcohol concentration is significantly increased after excessive drinking, and the sexual central nervous system is also in a state of inhibition, including inhibitory reflexes and sexual sensations.

Mild ones will affect the erection hardness of men, and for those who barely achieve an erection and have sex, they will also numb their sensory nerves due to the inhibition of the nervous system by excessive alcohol intake, reduce the pleasure of sexual life, delay ejaculation, make it difficult to or Can not reach orgasm at all, seriously affect the quality of sexual life.

If the alcohol consumption is further excessive, then people’s ability to exercise is severely impaired, and they may even fall into a coma, at which time they cannot have sex at all.

This situation is generally in the fourth stage of the effect of blood alcohol concentration on people’s behavior, the incapacitated state. At this time, sexual impulses and sexual behaviors are severely inhibited, not to mention the occurrence of drunken and promiscuous behaviors.

Is drunken sex real?

There is still another stage, the stage of disorder, from a small drink to a big drink to hurt the body.

When the blood alcohol concentration is 60-100mg/100ml, the central nervous system of the brain is inhibited. At this time, people’s physical and psychological domination by the brain is significantly reduced, but the normal erectile function of the body has not been seriously affected.

At this time, it is more of a display of people’s nature. The so-called moral and legal constraints are thrown out of the mind, but people’s original instincts – erection and sexual intercourse are still preserved. And produce the urge to have sexual intercourse, the risk of drinking disorderly sex is significantly increased.

Therefore, in the third stage of the influence of blood alcohol concentration on people’s behavior, that is, the disordered state, the sexual impulse after drinking is stronger, and the disordered behavior after drinking is also prone to occur.

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