Is Art About Sex, or Humanity

Is the creation of works of art because of sex, or something else? If it’s sex, what about the works of gifted prodigies whose sexuality has yet to be awakened?

Many celebrities attribute the creation of works of art to sex, and even seem to agree. Have these cognitions representing the cutting-edge of the times really reached their essence?

Each of us can seriously think about this question.

Because art is related to our aesthetic height, the openness of thinking and the richness of the spiritual world.

In short, it is about the possible prosperity of life beyond eating and drinking.

This is important, even essential, for a complete true human being.

Without it, life will be shriveled and thin, tasteless and uninteresting.

The free tentacles of works of art lead us to explore and practice more unknown and unreached; works of art use virtual and real abstraction and figuration, and use various means of expression to refresh our eyes and souls; works of art are transparent and sharp typical The exaggerated way of expression leads life into vertical and deep excavation and contemplation, avoiding life being superficial and boring, while maintaining the innate desire for knowledge and growth in life, which brings together our current colorful life.

In a certain sense, the level of artistic works of an era represents the highest wisdom that the whole life of this era can achieve on the road of quest in various fields.

Therefore, it is necessary to explore the underlying driving forces that give rise to works of art.

Sex is a set of secret programs that God has customized for human reproduction to entertain and educate. Beauty, talent, physique, charm, quality, ability, suitability, and each bonus gene all point to something that is more beneficial to the overall queue of human beings. proliferation.

It is undeniable that both the spiritual love of Plato and the sensuality of mortals will arouse people’s vigorous enthusiasm. The rich and turbulent enthusiasm is surging in the body and will flow out of the body. At this time, people with skills and artistic talent will use specific Objects come to express feelings, express these torrents of life, and achieve a function of smoothing and slowing down the stabilization of life itself.

Incidentally, internalizing and externalizing, dissociating one’s own emotions into an aesthetic object outside the body, the invisible mirror effect and the internal and external echoes make people feel intimate and close to the lungs, which intensifies and becomes more extreme, creating a colorful art world.

Even so, it cannot be said that works of art arise entirely from sex. Sex is only part of complex human nature.

Human nature is gloomy and unpredictable, and social ethics education uses morality, law, and positive models to constrain, organize, and guide human nature as close as possible to truth, goodness, and goodness.

It is the smallness of human nature, the obscurity that cannot be overstated in human nature, and the large and small stalks that are not obvious but clearly exist in human nature.

They are the innate attributes of a real and complete human being. If they are artificially stripped and oppressed, human nature will be distorted and resisted, which will lead to the partial collapse of reality, which will lead to catastrophic consequences and will make people pay an extremely huge price.

Therefore, it is necessary to see these wild horses in the dark.

A work of art is a kind of spiritual vision, a deep seeing, and seeing is the awe and comfort of all things, and the physical compassion given to love because of seeing, and love saves life from disasters.

Even if the positive emotions are too strong, there needs to be a channel for expressing them to reach a complete resonance. This is the meaning of sharing, and it is also the meaning of art works as a carrier of emotions to become a group medium.

When people are confronted with some works of art, their hearts will jump, and they will suddenly burst into tears. What he sees is his subconscious self. Meeting old friends in a foreign land, meeting another self outside the self, what other forms of wisdom can be achieved besides works of art?

In addition to expressing the meaning of expressions, works of art also have a very important function, which is to teach people to remove the false and retain the true. People who are devoted to art are the children of the soul, they at least respect the truth.

Through the skilled craftsmanship of the artists, the works of art use exaggeration, contrast, transcendence, penetration and other means of expression to enlighten the spiritual veins of people’s thinking.

It turns out that works of art quietly tell us a truth. It turns out that it is the truth behind the glitz, the basis for indexing the root of things, the origin of coordinates for human beings to move forward without getting lost, and a powerful basis for calibrating the direction and specifying principles.

Human nature has the need to clear the clouds and see the sun, to seek knowledge and truth, and the process of life is also the process of people’s cognition of the world. Hearing it in the morning and dying in the evening, it shows how urgent people’s desire to seek knowledge is, and the works of art just meet this part of the needs of human nature. They lead people to the real truth and explore the new frontier of life with cutting-edge thinking.

To search, to find, to trace the source, the human nature of the mountains and plains, the golden horse and the iron horse will be presented in various works of art.

Humanity is the foundation, and the work of art is the dense canopy;

Human nature is hidden, and works of art are manifest;

Humanity is the source, and works of art are the galloping rivers.

Classic works shine through the past and present, because it gathers the culmination of human nature and becomes a mirror for people to see themselves.

Dignitaries and dignitaries, dealers and pawns, infatuated with little righteousness, pranksters and philistines, walk in front of the mirror and see themselves.

A work of art is an expression of human nature, a figurative garden of human nature created by people. It is full of dazzling array, all of which are the extension, comprehension, presentation and demand of human nature.

How complex is human nature, the more prosperous the works of art are.

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