Interpretation of love

(1) Love: When choosing a person, even if the eyes do not look, the heart still goes to him. What they want to grasp is the most real thing about each other, not just the skin-to-skin relationship, but the time-honored relationship and learning to live together. Being in it, the five flavors are mixed. The thoughts of the heart, all beginnings are unified, which requires the test and proof of time.

(2) Seek: This is the purest thing in the youthful age. He may have no purpose, but just hopes to meet you in a certain corner by chance. In the face of reality, this often becomes unrealistic. dream. However, we are sure that we will meet and wait for the seeds of hope to be harvested. I believe that it is better to be short than to waste.

(3) Waiting: For a long time, you may not know that there is a grain of cinnabar or a bunch of flowers hidden behind the screen. You don’t even know it, it only blooms gorgeously when you appear. This is a time-consuming tug of war, not willingly, without regrets, but requires the final result.

(4) Happiness: A glass of water is filled, just to give it to the person he cares about most. The encounter at the train station is only for a brief hug. This term is mostly beautiful for a moment, but it takes a lifetime to verify eternity. When I can understand this word best, it is to leave, that is to separate. So, cherishing the moment is the most important thing.

(5) Fate: This is the most mysterious and helpless word, it can only be said to be a kind of beautiful psychological expectation. There is no fixed time point, just can’t exceed your expectations and assumptions. There is a vast sea of ​​people, and the chance is when we meet. Maybe only for a moment, or for a long time.

(6) Moved: Different touch points have different feelings. This is an extremely difficult word to understand. It varies from person to person. It may focus on details, and it may depend on the illusory surface. In a word, don’t mistake touching with love, otherwise it will hurt others and oneself.

(7) Possession: This is a vocabulary that needs to be cherished and managed. The division and combination are mostly scattered by the sophistication. It is a hundred times more difficult than getting it. Life is long, flowers bloom and fade, and the temperature is impermanent. This is the most tender thing in the heart. If you don’t understand the proportions and become possessive, it will become a hell of bondage and bondage. Therefore, this word needs to be cherished and given nutrients with responsibility, otherwise it will not stand the test of time.

(8) Breaking up: This is a plot that is constantly being staged every day for uncertain reasons. Happy or sad, mostly tragic dramas; as for joy, because sometimes separation is not necessarily a good thing. We strip away the emotions in our hearts to achieve a new balance. It teaches people how to choose more wisely and choose what is right for them.

(9) Habits: relying unconsciously on the bus, holding hands casually when shopping, or just looking at it with both eyes. The two have been together for a long time and have experienced the baptism of time. Most of them are for this reason. Therefore, we often do not adapt to it after separation, regret it, and think about going back to the past, mostly because we are not used to it.

(10) Romance: This is a word like fireworks. Roses, chocolates, rings, candlelight dinner. Of course, these may have become clichés, when the scene of the next movie theater proposal appears. This word often needs the aid of material, which is an indispensable thing in modern society. But don’t eat it as a meal, the time has passed and the disgust is left. It can be flashy, but it should not be flooded.

(11) Derailment: If a car derails, it may be a car crash. But when people cheat, they are often forgiven, and the reasons are very complicated. Cheating and cheating are the same as betrayal. Such people are like coins dropped in the toilet. It is a pity not to pick them up, but it is disgusting to pick them up.

(12) Trust: People with low self-esteem often like Cha Gang, because they are afraid of losing, and because they are in a weak position. Trust is often based on a balance and needs a lot of support. If you are not familiar with it, you cannot talk about trust. This word is often the opposite of love. People with bad character are trusted because of love; but they may also lose love because they are untrustworthy.

(13) Responsibility: This word is often encountered when negotiating conditions. This is support for the family and tends to favor men. It’s like coming home on time after get off work; it’s like raising children, cherishing your wife, and filial piety to your parents. Responsibilities need to be refined, and often different people have different scores. Don’t disagree with words and deeds.

(14) Cherish: A lyric is “What you can’t get is always in turmoil, and those who are favored are not afraid.” We all know that there are many temptations in this society, and there will be many when we can’t help it, but we need to control ourselves even more. You must know that what you get now is not easy to come by. Don’t worry about gains and losses. If you don’t know your satisfaction, you will often fall into regret and not be forgiven.

(15) Sex: This word only appears now, and I’m really sorry that everyone has been waiting for a long time. No need to explain too much, everyone understands. Just want to say that you have to be religious and have more love as you implement this word. Consider getting married, since then the word has become a part of life and needs no superfluous explanation.

(16)Marriage: Some people say that this is the grave of love. After typing this word into a reality, I lost my freedom, and I thought twice before acting. Lost the casual pursuit, more focused and steady. But this is not a bad thing. Relationships need to be managed. In living, you should experience the joy of life. Without indulgence, this is a kind of improvement and comprehension

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