Infatuation is an incurable disease

In my spare time, I open a few magazines, and each of them is full of life-and-death love and hatred. Maybe women are really animals that live for feelings. Once a rational and mature woman falls into feelings, she will lose her reason. A famous poem written by Pei Duofei to call for freedom, after being used by many infatuated people, only the first two lines remain: “Life is sincere, and love is more expensive.” Infatuation has evolved into a strange disease .

The disease of infatuation is like other diseases. It comes like a mountain, and goes away like a thread. When love comes, no one will investigate its cause. Any logical reasoning and scientific formulas are not applicable to love. The magic of love makes countless people often “know that they can’t do it”. However, after love dies, it has become almost a common problem to get to the bottom of it, pursue it desperately, save it a hundred times a day, and sink into self-abuse. Especially a woman who has lost her love has 100,000 reasons in her heart, such as “Why doesn’t he love me anymore” and so on. Why do these make women indulge, sink and sink in the one-man show of love.

Every one of us has had the experience of being sick. When you are ill, your weak body, haggard face, and painful expression will fill your loved ones with compassion and care. However, will you be willing to stay in the sick because of this kind of pity and care? Likewise, we all have the feeling of recovering from a serious illness. At that time, the happy smile on the faces of the relatives was brighter than the sunshine outside the hospital. For this smile, who wouldn’t want to recover sooner?

However, all these logics do not apply to women who are sick in infatuation. They always hope to use their resentment and hatred to touch a heart that no longer belongs to them. How difficult it is! Not to mention how hopeless it is to do so, even if that heart still has a little place for you, does his pain make you more happy and satisfied than his happiness? I really appreciate Zhang Xiaofeng’s words: “Anytime, what I love most is your smile.” True love is like this. Chen Wenqian, a famous Taiwanese current affairs commentator and show host, who was called “the smartest woman in Taiwan” by Li Ao, said: “I may not have the ability to fall in love with others for a long time, but I have the ability to break up with others, whether it is I’m against people or people are against me.” She made me sigh.

To treat infatuation, you must learn to forget. No one can erase the imprint of life, but we can choose to forget the hurt and remember the good. Clean up the overgrown weeds on the road of life, leave flowers and green trees, then, whenever you look back, you will see beauty and sunshine. “Love is just an episode in life, not the only part of life, nor the whole of life. Life is always higher than love.” This is a famous saying of a sociologist.

Yes, infatuation is treating life badly. Life is always higher than love.

What is infatuation? Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai? Or Romeo and Juliet? In fact, they are not, they call it special. The difference between special love and infatuation is that special love is the mutual love of two lovers, regardless of whether they are married or not; and infatuation in most cases refers to unrequited love, regardless of light or dark, that is to say, it is completely Self-motivated.

Infatuation is a “feeling” premised on “infatuation”, which itself has a derogatory meaning. Demented or foolish, for the so-called love in their minds, stubbornly hanged on a tree, and waited for a lifetime, there is a suspicion of carving a boat for a sword. Anyone who has ever hanged himself knows that when the rope gets stuck in the neck, his eyes roll and his vision blurs. Such is the case with a person who is hanged on a tree. From the moment of hanging, there is no other love in front of him. And the love that is tight is just a deception in the memory. I did love it, but after it was born, it died and stayed there like a stillbirth. Even if you can pick it up one day as you wish, you will find that it turns out to be dead.

Infatuation is a disease, but it is easily touted by outsiders as a certain will or belief. Perhaps many people will have a mentality of sympathy for the weak and losers, and it is easy to have some kind of recognition or praise for the infatuated, and even if they disagree, they cannot bear to fall into the trap. As the so-called “sincere, gold and stone open”, the infatuated person will be maintained in this environment, and eventually become a cocoon and be imprisoned for a lifetime by the love woven by himself. Encouraging an infatuated person is like supporting him in taking drugs, which will only make him sink deeper and deeper.

Infatuation is a disease, a disease that harms others and oneself. Love is selfish, but it is definitely two people, whether it is the crystallization of two people or not. If the lover cannot get love, it is naturally painful, but at the same time, he puts on a fearless posture, with a spirit of “heart not dying until the Yellow River”. The spirit is certainly commendable, but the more it is like this, the more it will burden the loved one and torture their conscience, so that the other party cannot easily pursue what he loves. Just like when you are on the road, you always feel that there is a shadow behind you, how can you feel at ease? Among them, some people will turn around to appease the infatuated person because they are soft-hearted, but they will be mistaken for a signal of “acceptance”, which will aggravate the infatuated person’s illness and aggravate their own anxiety. Others choose to compromise and accept passively when love is not born, and it turns out to be a mistake that cannot be escaped for a lifetime. Moreover, the love that an infatuated person gets after untold hardships is often not what he longs for. This sad gap will instantly destroy the perfect love in his heart.

Infatuation is a sign of cowardice, stagnant, never dead and enterprising. Love requires preparation and creation, rather than waiting or holding on with an “infatuation”. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, and so is love.

Infatuation is a disease, the only antidote is to muster up the courage to find a new love without any distractions.

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