In the whole life, there is always a person who is the secret of the heart

Walking in the vast sea of ​​people, meeting is a kind of fate. Looking back inadvertently, they linked each other’s affection. Fate, in the palm of a blooming enchanting flower. Those thoughts that fill the heart are turned into the words of the fingertips trickling, wrapping the boundless thoughts in the distance.

Some people, some things, when you meet them, you will be warm for a lifetime. That kind of emotion, not whether you have it or not, but will always be in the memory. That kind of existence is not about looking up, and it has nothing to do with appreciation. It is a heart-to-heart collision, a real and deep fusion. Please believe; after passing through the fleeting mountains and rivers, there is always a scenery that will be beautiful because of us; there is always a smiling face that blooms for us; there is always a meeting, which is beautiful in the whole past, there is always tenderness when we meet by chance. In a hurry, there is always a place that cannot be replaced.

Through trials and hardships, they are each other’s strong supports; silent contributions are always silent; deep cherishing is always steadfast. The tacit understanding of the soul is the interdependence beyond the distance; the possession of the spirit is the beauty that surpasses the secular world. The closeness between the hearts is an indescribable warmth. It is the tears when I am moved, the melting of real emotions, the speechless communication of the world, and the spark of the intersection of soul and soul. It’s not a language, it’s intimate and lingering; it’s not deliberate, it’s eloquent and tacit; it’s not a chase, it’s lingering and warm. Knowing each other will be accompanied forever in understanding. The nostalgia for each other leaves a splendid in cherishing. Fate grips tightly, and let the true feelings warm the heart. Everyone needs a spiritual support, a spiritual destination, companionship and intangibility, but moisturizing the heart, knowing and feeling, and moving with emotion.

Maybe the figure is far away, but the heart is very close; maybe the feeling is very ethereal, but the moving is very real. When you are tired, you can complain about your pain; when you are tired, you can slow down. When helpless, give spiritual support; when weeping, give the most genuine distress. Understand the burdens in life and understand the strength after disguise. A few words of ridicule can drive away unhappiness; a smile can warm you up in silence. No matter when and where, you are always there when you need it; no matter what your mood is, you can understand it when you talk about it. Life doesn’t expect too much foil, as long as someone is there to accompany you, someone will understand! The road with someone to accompany is not lonely; it is a kind of consolation, and the feeling of being with someone is not lonely, and it is not a kind of happiness. The closeness of the heart warms the wandering; the sincerity of love protects life. Think more, put all the tenderness in your heart, and dispel those gray Liao Mo.

Think more, let the flowers of the sun bloom in your sight, just like the passion that will bloom in the darkness of night…

The thoughts in the heart are hidden between the fingers, and the thoughts in the fingers are handed over to the words, and the prosperity in the words is only a temporary scene, and the scene generated by the thoughts is promised to the fleeting years, only the longer the longer the more settled the mood , it will become more and more concentrated. In life, there is always such a person who is your miss and your warmth. Buried deep in my heart is an unspeakable secret. Careful collection is a blur that will never disappear. I can’t find a reason to forget, because I can’t help it; I can’t find an excuse to give up, because it’s unforgettable. It’s hard to let go, I’m afraid I can’t find it again, the traces of the past are the lingering nostalgia and warmth, I still think of it, because the true feeling of giving has been integrated into life and cannot be replaced, because in the miracle of life, there is me and you.

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