If you really like someone, speak up to her

Silence, of course, is a virtue, but being silent in front of your lover is cowardly.

If you really like someone, you might as well speak up to her If you really like someone, you want to use your own hands to give her happiness! So please be sure to say it, no matter what method you use, let her know, and let yourself feel at ease, and resolutely don’t miss any opportunity, so as not to regret the missed opportunity in the future.

If you really like someone, please put down your noble face, and like someone who is innocent. It’s really nothing, and it’s not a shameful thing. Why do you have to die to save face and suffer. Do you feel tired from suppressing your feelings all day long and walking as strangers to your sweetheart, and even saying hello seems embarrassing?

If you really like someone, please don’t always fight her to death, what’s wrong with taking the initiative to ask? Can’t you just let her go? Don’t always argue with a woman, take a step back, and a man who can tolerate a woman is not cowardly, but a gentleman.

If you really like someone, please stand out and care about her boldly, pay attention to her every move at any time, and don’t imitate other people’s secret love, pretending to be mysterious, that’s an idiot. If you don’t pick the fruit when it’s ripe, why don’t you wait for someone else to pick it and show it to you?

If you really like someone, you should walk with her without any scruples, and don’t be afraid that your heart will be exposed. Love is great, sacred, and has no regrets. If you really like her, you are not afraid to let others know. If you really like her, you dare to make her public.

If you really like someone, don’t always blame yourself for being humble and not worthy of others’ nobility, and don’t be annoyed that you don’t have a gorgeous appearance. Ordinary is also a kind of happiness, isn’t it? Don’t always think of everyone as that kind of snob, maybe all they want to have is a simple and stable life!

Since our lives have been filled with emotional colors, we have begun to change, becoming sentimental, restless, and often unhappy. We always encounter a lot of unsatisfactory things, but we all press it deep in our hearts, suppress all our troubles, pretend to be strong, be so forthright, and always force a smile in front of others.

How many people and how many feelings are not lost to distance or time, but lack of courage to face it bravely and missed the best opportunity. Feelings are different from life. In the world of feelings, we can be restrained, but not too restrained. Many times, we need you to speak out with confidence, instead of shrinking and silent. Silence can only create incomprehensible mysteries, forever. They can’t let each other know each other.

After reading this diary, how much have you learned about the so-called man? Any idea how to do it? Ladies, may I ask if he, who is walking with you at this time, is sincere to you?

I wish all lovers in the world will be married!

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