If you lose the freshness of normal sex, you might as well try the little secret of “eye mask”

Blindfolds, an underrated sex toy.

Depriving one of the senses strengthens the other senses, and not just for physical reasons, it gives a person a different feeling.

Fragile but safe, flustered but expectant, the blindfold makes people happy in a special affection.

Many people resist using blindfolds for fear of getting into “perverted” territory.

In fact, there is no need to worry so much, you can use it for some emotional and psychological reasons.

01 Hand over your vision and forget your body's insecurities

Many people, especially women, resist falling in love because of their lack of confidence in their bodies.

Is it plump enough?

Is it round enough?

Seems to have acne lately?

The face seems to be dark yellow again?

Put on your blindfold! Out of sight, out of mind and out of mind, forget those insignificant appearance anxiety.


Feel the lover’s body temperature in the caress, feel the touch and slight friction of every inch of skin, and enjoy the skin-to-skin relationship between the two. What is the importance of those external conditions?

Likewise, the eye patch helps to forget about the distorted face that may be distorted during “pleasure”, the messy limbs on the bed, and the more in-depth experience.

02 Enjoy intimacy and trust with all your heart

Eyes are the main way we explore the world, allowing ourselves to be covered requires full trust in our loved ones.

You can’t enjoy being blindfolded unless you believe that your lover can never hurt you.


Perhaps, this is also a good opportunity to test your own heart – do you really trust your lover?

More importantly, it’s also an opportunity to build intimacy.

When you are blindfolded, if any actions of the other person make you feel comfortable and happy, you will feel more connected with the other person, and the relationship between the two parties will become better.

However, if you call out someone’s name when you’re happy, it’s “Barbie Q”!

Just like the old song: “I quietly blindfolded you, let you guess who I am, from Mary to Sunny and Ivory, but never have my name…” (exposure age


This embarrassing scene, Xiao Ji doesn’t know what to do~

03 Enhance the senses, add surprises blindfolded

The little things that you can’t see can lead to more surprises. When your vision is limited, other senses will be strengthened to a certain extent. Many things may feel normal when you can see them, but when you are blindfolded, it is too exciting.


For example, in terms of smell, you can use some comfortable aromatherapy to wake up the body.

In terms of touch, this is the best time to use feathers, ice, and lubricants.

You can also bring in delicious food, such as feeding a little chocolate, or small food such as strawberries.

In short, use your imagination to make love more interesting.

It’s better not to know what’s going to happen next, and to wait for your partner to let you experience different sensations, and let the sex turn into a little game with rewards.


Finally, a small tip:

There is no need to purchase eye masks, silk scarves or other soft fabrics can be considered~

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