If you have good memories, love is not in vain

This time last year I was just getting ready to be with my ex when we had already spent two nights at my house and the third time we went to his house and he kept the house clean.

That date lasted three days and two nights, and went to the Rijksmuseum, ate takeaway and drank wine together on the floor.

These are all good memories, as long as there are good memories, then love is not in vain.

What do you mean by emotion?

You meet a person, and you are together with him. It’s passion and love, but I don’t think it’s emotion.

I remember when I first got together with my first love, I asked him why we would break up in the future. He said, I don’t know, maybe it’s just getting used to each other in the end.

I was very disappointed and said that I was just a habit of yours.

Later, when we did break up, I asked him if he would be sad, and he said, of course, even if I had a dog for a year, and now it was dying, I would be sad.

I was still very angry at the time, I said how do you compare me to a dog.

But thinking about it now, in fact, that is called affection, that is, you know that you are not suitable for a person, you know that you will no longer like a person in the future, but you still can’t bear this person.

All reason tells you that this person is not suitable for you in any way, but when you leave this person, you will still be reluctant.

This little bit of nostalgia, this little bit of reluctance, is emotion.

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