If there is no love, will there be concern?

If you have ever loved deeply, you will definitely taste the feeling of heartache! When the feeling of heartache comes quietly, you can’t refuse, let alone hide, you can only endure the pain and sadness that the heartache brings to you… You know it’s really not easy to really fall in love with someone. However, when life accidentally brings us to meet, reason cannot overcome emotional blindness. Maybe this is love! what is love? What is helpless, speechless relative? I seem to understand. Want to love, can’t love, dare not love, what does it feel like? Can there be such a taste in sour, sweet, bitter and spicy? Disappointed and broken, what kind of love is this?

The most hurtful thing in the world is feelings, but it is impossible for people to be ruthless. In this way, thinking and reciting in my mind; worrying and rejoicing in memories; loving and hating in the world, hurting and hurting in the world… Falling in love with the wrong person is destined to be a A story full of tears and sadness. I used to think that I no longer have the desire to love, and I no longer want to be moved by anyone, but I never thought about it, but I met you. You are like this, you came to my world inadvertently and disrupted my heart lake. And I, when you were not prepared, entered your life and disrupted your peace. Why are there so many misunderstandings? Love, once lost is lost forever. We share a sky together, but we cannot smell the fragrance of flowers at the same time; we step on a land together, but we cannot make footprints at the same time…

 do you know? I miss you! I miss you at the crossroads, miss you in the car, miss you when I walk in the crowd. When I miss you, I will ponder; when I miss you, I will be sad; when I miss you, my heart will hurt… Many nights, I search for your traces in the long river of memory; many times, in our chat records Feel your presence; many times, you can only find your concern in the information. Many times, I can only think of you like this. Since then, a heart has gone on a journey of turbulence, and embarked on the road of sadness. Many nights, I made a cup of strong tea, tasted it carefully, and let the bitterness soaked through every nerve of my own. On many rainy days, I stared blankly at the raindrops, and my thoughts returned to every moment of the conversation with you. There is no life-and-death love between us, no family love for a lifetime, but there is a constant concern in our hearts that will never let go.

Never really asked if you really love me? In fact, you don’t need to tell me, I already understand in my heart, how can there be care without love? There is no tomorrow, no promise, no future for the love that cannot be kept together, but it makes many lovers suffer and be happy here! I don’t want you to know that I am full of sadness and worry. I’m afraid it will add unhappiness and worry to you. I just want to give each other a relaxed and happy space and environment, let us be happy because we know each other, don’t care about forever, only care about what we have. Who said this? Since they are in love, who doesn’t want to last forever? This sentence is just a kind of helpless self-comfort. Does anyone know what kind of sour and painful heart and what kind of helplessness is behind such a free and easy?

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