If orgasm is the gift of feminism and a basic physiological need, how do you get it?

According to my observation, the sexual well-being of a female friend is closely related to her openness. She pursues sex and is not ashamed of it. Whether it is the distress of no one being cute, or the satisfaction of someone having sex, she will communicate generously and enthusiastically.

This is not an accident. There’s a great talk on TED called “Recliaming female sexual desire.” Speaker Pam Costa is a personality therapist and researcher.

Pam found that women who were able to sit together and talk frankly about their sexual experiences had 15%-28% higher rates of sexual desire, arousal, and orgasm, respectively, and a 30% lower depression rate.

I try to bring these feminist-minded sisters together, and we talk openly about our depression, grievances, pleasures, and excitements. Open ourselves up, explore ourselves, see ourselves through each other.

We discuss our sexual experiences, communicate our sources of pleasure, our erotic preferences.

During the talk and discussion, I learned that women’s various orgasm experiences are like a kaleidoscope. Some trembling, some numb, some screaming, some crying, some with squirting, some with sadomasochism. Some are like being dripped with wax at low temperature, some are like being beaten by weak electricity, some are like being tired and suddenly being killed by a horse and chicken, and some are like holding urine for a long time and finally able to urinate. What is shared is the alternating thrill of intense stimulation and intense release.

The mechanism of a woman’s orgasm is also very strange. Some girls are intellectual, with intracranial orgasms, some girls are humiliated to bring orgasm; It’s similar to that sense of body slowing down and focusing on the present moment and the ego, unforgettable and unforgettable.


I have observed a similar pattern to Pam. The more serious the girl is about her erotic observation and analysis, the more unique and diverse the way and experience she gets orgasm.

I was very impressed that a reader told me: the best way for a woman to have an orgasm is to climb down, patiently, meticulously, and persistently, suck her clitoris to give her a real orgasm: the rapid rhythm of the clitoris. , The spasms and convulsions of the whole body, accompanied by deep and uncontrollable moans, overflowing with juice, swallowing and eating, the lips and teeth are fragrant, and the aftertaste is long.

I also learned to touch and observe my body seriously. I tell my partner to communicate my feelings and ask him to explore my sensitive spots in a way that I think might be comfortable for me.

It didn’t take long for me to meet a lover who was so obsessed with giving me an orgasm. He is considerate, physically strong, and has excellent lung capacity. He gave me his mouth very attentively, until I couldn’t take it anymore, but he still refused to give up.

The comfortable feeling piled up densely in my body, piled up into a huge pleasure, painful, itchy, crisp and numb, as if the clitoris and the surrounding area were electrocuted. My body musculoskeletal seemed to be suddenly electrified.

The feeling of being electrified all over my body quickly reached my brain. I felt like a weightless aircraft, spinning like I was thrown into the endless chaos and void. My thoughts were quickly sucked away by a black hole, my consciousness was fully integrated into my body, my body was fully integrated into the present moment.

Ouch, ooh, I screamed and shivered instinctively.

That was my first orgasm. I didn’t pay a lot of money, and he didn’t pay any compulsion, and I got a huge physical pleasure. My pleasure also brought him a strong psychological pleasure. He raised his head buried under my crotch with a contented look on his face, which stimulated my psychological pleasure.

We share the secrets of body and happiness, and we swim together in the sea of ​​sweet desires, intimacy and indistinguishable.

Really, as my female friends say, orgasms are not a luxury. The orgasmic experience greatly satisfied the joy of being a human being. The pursuit of sex didn’t make me more slutty. I am more and more in love with men who let me experience orgasms. I want to experience with him the most wonderful and accessible beauty in this world over and over again.


Like a Lady Chatterley, I suddenly woke up and realized: what a great lie the poets and all beings tell. They always instill in women that women want feelings. But in fact, a woman’s greatest desire is this kind of stabbing, fiery, almost shocking sex. Sex will not defile the human mind, on the contrary, the thunder of the sky stirs the fire of the earth, and the vigorous sex can purify, purify and activate the human mind.

After 6 years of orgasm-free sex, I finally got the key to pleasure. A woman who has had an orgasm is like a person who has been nourished by civilization, and will never return to self-deception and ignorance and savagery.

Since then, I can no longer be satisfied with love without sexual pleasure. I almost wrote the quest for orgasm on my face. This magnanimity did not allow me to encounter wretched and cowardly harassment. On the contrary, I hardly ever meet men who are not very good in bed. Almost every sexual encounter I have is accompanied by a bone-shattering taste and a book of satisfaction.

Who would refuse a physical orgasm? Who can forget the ecstasy of the flesh? Who dares to piss off a sexually awakened woman?

We clasped, touched, and greeted each other in synchronized sex. The copper branches and iron stems are like knives, swords, and halberds. The red flowers are like heavy sighs and heroic torches.

Every time I see myself naked in his eyes, I can realize very strongly that I love myself, and I love myself even more in his eyes.

We are each other’s most wonderful passions, the most intimate indulgences in each other’s lives. When we reached the climax together, he looked at me for a thousand years, and I looked at him, forever and ever.

But, for me, sex is no longer just sex. The orgasm is far more than the orgasm. The cry of the female friend echoed in my ears: “Orgasm is the gift of feminism!”

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