If men also wear pantyhose

It is normal for women to wear pantyhose, and there are various styles of pantyhose, for example, hip-lifting stockings, after wearing, the buttocks will be lifted up, so that the buttocks will look up from the back, and it looks very sexy; Another is to shape the legs. Often wearing legs will make them look better and better, which can attract the attention of many men.

If a man also wears pantyhose, the problem to be solved is the penis. Often because it is too big, it will break when lifted up, and there is no way to wear it. You can choose pantyhose with open crotch, which will be better. I think flesh-colored black can be considered.

After men wear women’s pantyhose, they will also feel that their legs are tightly wrapped, and the whole leg has a special feeling. This feeling is good for men’s legs to become thinner. The role of shaping the leg shape, if you put on pants outside, you can feel the wonderful feeling of the stockings rubbing against the pants. Men also like this feeling.

Because they are open-crotch stockings, it doesn’t affect going to the toilet or anything. It’s actually pretty good to wear them when you’re alone. I think men can wear women’s stockings as long as they like it.

In addition, there is another kind of women’s stockings that can be worn at ordinary times, and it doesn’t matter if they are public. They are flat stockings. You can choose black, so that it doesn’t look too obvious and you don’t feel that you are wearing women’s socks. The gray ones are a bit too obvious. It may be a sexual issue or curiosity at the beginning, but after a long time, I found that for men with small feet, wearing women’s socks is still very suitable. There is no problem.

If a man also wears pantyhose, he should be careful to hide it. It can’t be too obvious. If others see it, he may not say anything, but he is still a little shy, so don’t wear it openly. After you figure it out, you will get used to it. , it’s never too late to make it public.

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