Ideal and real love, is it destined to love someone?

The ideal love always wants to accompany the lover at all times, listen to her coquettishness, let her play tricks, talk to her and ask her to add clothes and reduce clothes… to share his worries and solve problems for him, to make suggestions for him, to prepare everything for him… In reality, however, we can’t be with each other day and night, or even be separated from each other. But “if the two loves last for a long time, how can they be in the morning and evening”.

Ideal and Real Love Ideal love always wants to give him or her the best life, the best gift, the most expensive jewelry… But in reality, we don’t necessarily have the conditions to allow us to do so Splurge! But we are working hard for a better future and a happier life for each other!

In ideal love, we always want two people to get along happily, be together happily, have no quarrels, and live in harmony… But in reality, we can’t help falling into the stereotypes, bickering over trivial things, jealous over trivial things, and quarreling over personality… But we are learning Tolerance, learn to tolerate, our feelings are running in!

In ideal love, you always want to find a lover who is the dragon and phoenix among people, the elite among men, and the best among women… But in reality, there are people outside people, and there are mountains outside the mountains, which is incomparable! But his lover is always the best in his eyes, and the lover sees Xi Shi!

The ideal love may really always be different from the reality. The ideal is beautiful, but the reality is cruel; but the ideal may not be suitable for you, and the suitable one may not be your ideal. In you, the heart belongs to you!

Did you notice it? The feeling of love always feels very sweet at the beginning, and always feels that I am no longer alone. At least one person thinks about you, loves you, and no matter what you do, as long as you can be together, it is good. But slowly, as you get to know each other deeper, you begin to discover each other’s shortcomings, so problems occur one after another, and you become tired and even want to escape. Some people say that love is like picking up stones, you always want to find one that suits you, but how do you know when you can pick it up? If she suits you, do you suit her? In fact, love is like a terrazzo. You may not be so satisfied when you first picked it up, but people are flexible, and many things can be changed. As long as you have the heart and the courage, instead of picking up unknown stones everywhere, you will It’s better to polish and polish the stone you already own. Have you started to polish it?

Some people say: When drinking, it is the most comfortable to be slightly drunk. When eating, the satisfaction of seven points full is the most comfortable. If you continue to eat, it is very likely that you will have an upset stomach and completely lose the joy of eating. When you love someone, love to eight points is absolutely just right. All expectations and hopes are only seven or eight points, and the remaining two or three points are used to love yourself. If you continue to love more, you are likely to put a lot of pressure on each other, make each other breathless, and completely lose the joy of love. The other day, a friend asked me: what should I do to be in love with someone? I smiled and said to him: In fact, everyone’s view of love is different. It is called enlightenment if you say it right, but if you say it wrong, it will become misleading! If you are also lost in love, maybe the following paragraph can give you Some revelations: To love someone, you must understand, but also to open up; to apologize, but also to thank; to admit mistakes, but also to correct them; to be considerate and considerate; It is support, not domination; sympathy, not questioning; talk, not accusation; unforgettable, not forgetting; communicate with each other, not explain everything; You can be romantic, but don’t waste it; you can hold hands anytime. But don’t break up casually. If you have done it all, even if you don’t love someone anymore, you will still miss them instead of holding grudges~~

Actually, I don’t know anything, sometimes it’s just fate to love or like someone~~

If you love someone too much, you will be led by the nose. If you are caught by a demon, you can’t be yourself at all. From then on, you don’t have your own thoughts, you don’t have your own emotions, you take him as the center, when you are with him, you are the whole world; when you are not with him, the world is him.

If you love someone too much, you will endure him unprincipally, and gradually he will get used to this kind of indulgence, ignoring your efforts for him, and even think you are annoying, too impersonal, and even start to despise, neglect, and disrespect you… …

If you love someone so much, you are like a candle that burns recklessly, just to get a moment of light and heat. When the candle burns out, you have nothing left. And the other side is just a flashlight, he can keep putting in new batteries and keep it alive forever.

If you love someone too much, he will get used to your kindness to him, and forget that he should pay too, forget that you also need to get the same return-he is completely spoiled by you. Don’t think that if you love the other person ten points, he will also love you ten points. Love is unreasonable, so in many cases, love is also unequal.

No, don’t love someone and forget yourself completely. Such whole-hearted love should only appear in novels, and this society is increasingly unwelcome to desperate love. Give him room to breathe, and leave room for yourself – a moth-to-fire love, while it’s going on, makes people feel magnificent, but if he becomes, how will you clean up the mess? Can you face that heavy loss?

So, don’t love someone ten points, eight points is enough. The remaining two points are used to love yourself. But 100,000 reasons not to love him are no match for one reason to love him!

Love me, really don’t need too much, eight points is enough. If it is less, I will be sad, it means that I don’t have enough weight in your heart, and you don’t love me enough; and if it is too much, it will hurt me, because in addition to love, we also need life and friends. Too much will make me not know. What to do. Love me, just eight points, cherish me, trust me, and what I will return to you will also be love, cherish, and trust in you!

In fact, it is more accurate to say that it only takes eight points to fall in love, and both love and being loved are happy. Very much love, let us not bear each other, from love to marriage, not a person’s choice, love is a matter of two people, marriage is mutual trust, tolerance, and understanding, if you love him, give him two points Freedom, space for mutual trust, love me, please love eight points, everyone has their own world, just don’t hurt each other, eight points of love, not incomplete, but more perfect!

Life is a process

Strong coffee and tea, only when you taste it carefully can you feel its most real bitterness.

From young to old, people have completely different scenery at each stage. So life is just such a process. In this process, people feel what they should feel, but there is no difference between the beginning and the end of the process, but the difference in the process is the real meaning of life.

The result of doing something is important, but I think the process of doing it is more important. After all, if the result is good, we will be happier, but the process can enrich our life. The final result of human life must be death. In fact, life has no meaning. It just gives life a meaning that one hopes to realize. Therefore, the process of enjoying life is a kind of meaning.

As an ordinary person, the most important thing is to take good control of yourself. When the process of life draws to a close, when you look back on the path you have traveled, you only need to say: I have worked hard and struggled, and I have no regrets in this life. At the very least, your life is bearing fruit that is not plentiful but full. The only sad thing is that life cannot be repeated, don’t be in a hurry, take a steady step, and move forward positively! Life is short, life is limited, and we need to find beauty in this shortness and limitation. As long as you live meaningfully, the process of life itself is a kind of beauty.

So, sometimes, we didn’t lose, we just didn’t win.

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