I accidentally got semen into my mouth, can I eat it?

After reading this question, I feel that everyone may also have such doubts. Today, I will take you to find out whether semen can be eaten or not.

01 What are the specific components of semen

A normal male semen volume is about 2 to 6 milliliters.

Semen as a whole presents a viscous shape, which is a mixture of various liquids, the most important of which are sperm and seminal plasma.

Among them, the water occupies more than 95%, and the real effective semen is less than 1%. The seminal plasma includes fats, proteins, pigment particles, small phospholipids, isolated amino acids and so on.

However, their sources, forms and functions are different, but they also provide various necessary nutrients and energy for sperm.

Semen contains a lot of nutrients, but actually contains very few nutrients.

If everyone hears that “eating can supplement nutrition, beauty and beauty”, it is purely to coax children.

When semen is healthy, it is neither beneficial nor harmful to the body.

So the question arises, how to distinguish whether semen is healthy or not?

02 Is semen healthy?

Healthy semen also has a fishy smell.

If the body is in good condition, there may be a fishy smell, even the smell of quicklime.

It tastes and tastes similar to raw egg whites.

If you find that the semen is missing this smell, you need to pay attention and seek medical attention to see if there is any problem with prostate function.

Healthy semen is grayish-white or light-yellow in color. Because the “little tadpoles” were sticky when they first came out of the body.


But after a period of “liquidization”, it is translucent milky white.

If the semen turns yellow for a long time, there may be some diseases in the body, and further examination and treatment are required.

If the semen is red and blood is present then medical attention is required.

What are the causes of yellow semen?

1. Prostate inflammation

2. Mental state problems

3. Intolerant to high temperature and high heat

So boys can find a time to “look” to see what color is their semen? Do a small health screening initially.

03 Can that be swallowed?

Maybe some people can’t help getting “in the mouth” when they have sex.

But if the arrow is on the chord, it must be sent. So “the semen is in the mouth, can it be swallowed?

According to medical theory, there is nothing wrong with swallowing semen, but this is based on the fact that boys do not have any infectious diseases.

If your significant other has a disease, the semen may also contain the corresponding virus, which can lead to infection. Therefore, semen should not be swallowed blindly.

After swallowing, some girls will feel nauseous due to the taste and taste, and some girls will have diarrhea. The specific situation varies from person to person.

But no matter whether semen is good for girls or not, when making love, you should not label semen with beauty and beauty in order to satisfy your own selfish desires.

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