How to use fitness to improve your “sexual attraction”?

First impression

Many people are members of the “Appearance Society”, and many sources show that a woman decides whether she will start a relationship with a man, and it is in the first few seconds of looking at that man. In addition to being handsome, your overall image is also very important, which involves your external physical fitness.

If you keep exercising regularly, your muscles can support your body well and keep you energized and motivated every day. The appearance is innate, the body shape is acquired, and the rigid body can give people a lot of extra points.

Not bad looks can make her look at you, and broad shoulders can give her a sense of security. So, if you are thin and thin, it’s time to open your shoulders and you need to train your deltoid muscles!

Recommended deltoid training exercises: dumbbell press and lateral raise

Volatile male hormones

Sports male hormones are exuberant, and in the process of getting along with women, they will exude a masculine smell from the inside out from time to time, which will give women a “sexy” feeling.

Sweaty, a little fishy, ​​and very much like a woman’s perfume, some dubbed it the “wake up smell” after the “smack”. And these smells come from the body’s “testosterone” component, which can increase your positive characteristics, such as a chiseled underbar, a sexy little beard, and your sharp bayonet…

How to Increase Testosterone Recommended Posture: Squat Training

Get started when it’s time to get started

The arms are where your muscles are most visible. Sometimes a simple action can capture a girl’s heart.

For example, with the same scratching of the back of the head, students with poor stature will be regarded as cute or to relieve their nervousness. Sister paper will directly ignore it.

And when you do these movements with thick arms, the girl will be attracted by your arm, focus on your arm, and then think of “other” things. Such hints will definitely help you a lot in your next actions.

Arm thickening needs to be practiced: biceps, triceps, recommended posture: pull-up, bench press

Abs, core muscle group exercises make you sexy

With the foreshadowing in front, you can smile a little and look directly into her eyes. Some girls may be shy and choose to avoid glances, while some girls will express curiosity about your move, so they will know your appearance. Consider your figure, and at this time the importance of your core area” will appear.

A strong core area can shape your overall image, with prominent abdominal muscles and a strong figure, and then gradually begin to move towards a world where you are stripped of flesh and dressed to be thin.

Core area exercises: crunches, plank.

Glute exercises are also important

In this day and age, men like women with big buttocks, and women like men with strong and sexy buttocks. Strong and sexy buttocks are also conveying a message to women: “You are powerful.” Relax your shoulders, maintain a straight and relaxed posture, twist your body slightly, show your little motor-like power, and let the girl know this This kind of strength is enough to conquer her.

Recommended posture for buttock exercise: kneeling side leg raise (dirty dog); Romanian deadlift

If you keep exercising, when this happens, a few appropriate moves can attract the other person’s attention. Exercising is not just for picking up girls, but having a healthy and strong body will greatly help and improve your life and work.

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