How to treat love

Everyone longs for a kind and beautiful lover, a harmonious and happy family, and a happy and beautiful life, and these all come from having a sweet and wonderful love. Without love, the husband and wife will divorce, the family will be broken, and life will not There is no happiness to speak of.

So, how to deal with love? Accumulating my 60 years of life experience, I have come to the following four basic attitudes towards love.

1. Love is not a one-time event, but a lifetime.

Many times, a couple of strangers who meet each other often fall in love at first sight. The so-called love at first sight is actually just a good feeling for each other, it is not love. Because love is not something that can be concluded in one, two days, or one or two months. Men and women who successfully held hands on “If You Are the One” only have the intention to develop into love, and it does not mean that love has already begun. In fact, even if they succeed in holding hands, few couples can develop into love.

Some people mistake a temporary emotional impulse for love. In fact, it is just a temporary favor for the other party. After a long time, I understand more, and the aesthetic fatigue is exhausted. If the novelty is gone, it will be annoying and tired. It must not be true. Love is not the correct attitude towards love.

Treating love is not only a momentary love, but a lifetime of love.

2. Love cannot be wishful thinking, but deep love.

People all know that love is a match between two parties, and wishful thinking is just unrequited love, not love. Some people think that as long as they want to fall in love, it is love, regardless of the attitude of the other party, and they are even obsessed, deducing a lot of tragedies caused by lovelorn.

Love comes and goes, and the love is deep, mutual love is love. Although the older generation in the old society was a matchmaker, they became lovers after being arranged by their parents. They also needed to get married first and then fall in love. If one party refused to compromise, it would also lead to the disintegration of the family.

In today’s materialistic society, some people can find “love” even if they are wishful thinking because of their wealth. In fact, it is obviously the other party’s love for money, not love. Of course, everyone has their own choices to pursue different lifestyles, and their understanding of love is more different. It is reasonable to have various situations, which is beyond reproach.

3. Love cannot be done once and for all, but needs to be kept fresh all the time.

In my opinion, love is not as simple as a child’s family play, nor is it so complicated, but love must not be done once and for all, thinking that since you have become a lover and entered a family, there is no need to talk about love again. Well, this is a blasphemy of love.

Although people all have a consensus, that is, “less is a husband and wife is always a companion”, “when you are young, you are in love, when you are old, you are family.” That’s just a difference in form, and it’s still love in essence. Because the perfect combination of love and affection is love. When love is strong, love is weak. With the growth of age and the aging of the body, love needs to be kept fresh, so that the lovers can stick to each other and grow old.

4. Love can't go its own way, it's a big deal.

People often think that love is only a matter between a man and a woman, and even the emergence and reproduction of human society seems to be a matter between men and women, but this is not the case. Because the love of any pair of men and women cannot exist independently of society, it is not a castle in the air or a mirage that surpasses the real society, but it is down-to-earth and closely related to the whole society.

Everyone has their own parents, their own relatives and friends, and their own jobs, all of which are inseparable from the social environment in which they live. Whether the relationship between a man and a woman can develop into love is a decisive factor. Many objective factors must be considered, and all aspects of acceptance must be taken into account. Otherwise, a single-minded love cannot withstand various Temptation or all kinds of blows will die prematurely.

Sincerely wish everyone can get satisfactory love and live a happy and beautiful life.

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