How to stimulate a men’s desire to explore you?

There are many problems in marriage, which make men and women do not understand, but are driven and formed.

After marriage, a man spends his time outside, mostly seeking physical and spiritual satisfaction; while a woman’s red apricot is mainly to make up for her emotional and spiritual deficiencies.

The contradiction between men and women is, in the final analysis, the ambiguity and conflict of values ​​and love between the two sexes.

It is precisely because of the differences between them that all kinds of love and hatred in the world are aroused.

In the heart of a man, getting married means the end of youth;

In women’s thinking, marriage means the continuation of love.

It’s easy for a woman to associate love with marriage, especially when she’s committed to each other. However, in a man’s heart, love and marriage are two different things. The woman you like and the object of marriage can be different candidates.

Therefore, in the years after marriage, even if a man has a sweet wife, children and daughters, he still cannot control a heart that is just around the corner and wants to peep into the outside world.

This is not to say that a man’s passion can be understood and forgiven, but to analyze it from a physiological point of view, a little philosophy in human nature.

A lot of times, people like to think about our marriages in terms of feelings and ethics.

But “sex” is something we can’t avoid and occupy an extremely important place in our lives.

Talking about feelings and morals without the original needs will only be empty talk on paper. In other words, everyone understands the truth, but it is difficult to do.

Men have a natural desire to explore unfamiliar women. This is also the motivation of male animals to pursue the opposite sex, and it is the flesh that drives them forward.

When a man sees a girl for the first time, he is easily attracted by her appearance, body shape, etc., so as to pursue her, not because of how much he loves her. They will think of ways to please girls and take care of them, but what they are thinking about is how to satisfy their physical needs.

But that doesn’t mean that men are emotionless.

Men will gradually develop psychological attachment through the satisfaction of physical needs, and then develop into emotional attachment.

Women, on the other hand, have less of a desire for sex. Therefore, in the initial stage of getting along with each other, there will be differences in needs.

Women are generally emotionally attached to a man first, and then have physical needs. And this phenomenon just shows that the reproductive instinct of human beings as an animal, males always try their best to spread, while females have to select carefully to ensure the evolution and superiority of species.

At the same time, in the concept of “sex”, once women are satisfied, they will continue to be developed, while men will almost always remain the same.

From this point of view, women will continue to be physically strong after marriage, while men will gradually become powerless.

But for unfamiliar women, men have always maintained a positive desire to explore. Because strange women always give them a sense of mystery, which is based on physical needs, not entirely because of how beautiful the other person is, or how much they love the woman.

As for women, once they have a relationship with other men by chance, and they feel happy for the first time, it is easy to fall in love with each other.

This physical bond sometimes has the power to abandon a stable life. In contrast, women are more likely to be captured by physical feelings.

So, why in the case of extramarital affairs, women will fall into “love” like moths to the flames and it is difficult to get out, while men are sober and cold.

Could it be that the relationship between husband and wife is really invincible for the seven-year itch?

In fact, only when both psychological and physical needs are positively motivated can feelings be maintained to the greatest extent.

In order for the marriage relationship to develop positively, we must face up to these problems, instead of escaping from problems and intensifying conflicts, so as to let each other go to the point of breaking up.

The following conclusions are drawn from this:

First, men and women approach relationships differently. The existence of sensibility accelerates the sublimation of the relationship between the two parties, which is a positive promotion.

Second, without sufficient moral restraint and emotional foundation, “sex” will have a destructive blow to a family;

Third, men who cross the line are generally because of the desire to explore, and it is not easy to have deep feelings. Women who cross the border generally have emotional investment, which may be more difficult to withdraw;

Fourth, in married life, women can properly maintain a sense of mystery and freshness, and stimulate men’s desire to explore; while men should pay more attention to their wives at the spiritual level, recognize their efforts, and moderately favor their wives.

These will promote the positive development of the marriage relationship, both physically and psychologically.

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