How to stay fresh in love ?

Couples who have passed the period of passionate love usually have some confusion and confusion, and they do not know how to continue to develop their relationship after the enthusiasm fades. After couples get to know each other gradually, they will find more and more shortcomings in each other, and the conflicts between couples will gradually increase. This is a turbulent period in a relationship, and as long as you get through this stage, your relationship will stabilize.

So how do you stay fresh in love?

1. Cultivate one or two common hobbies  

The difference between lovers is only a temporary attraction. To develop stably for a long time, there must be a common tacit understanding. Couples should have at least one common hobby, so that even if they feel bored in the process of falling in love, they can find some little fun from the common hobby.

2. Keep a sense of mystery and don’t have to report everything to your partner  

When in love, no matter what you do, you want to share it with the other person. But this way of reporting everything will one day make the other party annoyed, because the couple communicates too frequently, and it will easily lose the sense of mystery. Losing the sense of mystery also loses attractiveness, and the other party will find you more boring as a person.  

3. Give each other space to be alone  

It is understandable that couples are always sticking together during their passionate love period, because when they are in love, both parties are very enthusiastic and wish to be with each other every day. But love needs breathing. If you always pester each other, make more than ten calls a day, or even follow each other, these behaviors will make the other party very disgusted and feel disrespected. 

4. Stick to your own personality

Falling in love is sometimes blind, it makes you gradually lose yourself. People in love regard love as the whole of life, and everything they do is revolving around each other. Gradually, you will lose friends, lose your original interest, and lose your own unique personality and charm. You are no longer as beautiful and attractive as you used to be, and the other person will gradually lose interest in you.

5. Create some small surprises

The management of love requires a sense of ritual, and preparing some small gifts for each other on some important festivals can break the dullness and boredom in love. You can even create some exclusive festivals to break the routine and make love more romantic.

Do something unexpected for the other party, such as buying a small gift for the other party by chance, or go home early and cook the other party’s favorite meal, etc.

6. Actively communicate when encountering conflicts 

It is not terrible for couples to quarrel, the most terrible thing is that they do not quarrel or make trouble, and they are sulking in their hearts alone. When couples have conflicts, the most taboo is to engage in a cold war. If there is any problem, just say it directly, and actively communicate to solve the problem.  

7. Get along with each other with gratitude

Learn to express emotions and gratitude.

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