How to pursue a girl scientifically ?

1. Make a good first impression.

Pursuing a girl is a step-by-step process, and what you do must be in line with the current relationship between the two. Any behavior that goes beyond the norm is inappropriate and will only create obstacles for each other to upgrade their relationship.

First, make a good first impression on girls. It is necessary to keep your appearance clean and tidy, and there should be no odor on your body. No girl likes to remember sloppy, sloppy guys.

At the same time, pay attention to your speech and manners, and naturally not pretentious. It is enough to be able to do this, at least not to detract from yourself.

2. Take the initiative to create opportunities to meet

If both parties have a good first impression of each other, then they can try to actively create opportunities to meet each other. Frequent meetings will help improve the degree of goodwill and shorten the emotional distance between each other. But this process should be done naturally and not deliberately.

3. Learn about her hobbies and temperament

In the process of getting along with each other, it is necessary to understand the girl’s interests, hobbies and temperament as much as possible, so that you can not only “do what you like”, add more topics to each other’s communication, but also understand each other more comprehensively, so as to help the future relationship. in-depth preparation.

4. Try to be "hands-on" in areas of interest to her

Being a talented and interesting person will greatly improve your personal charisma and opposite-sex attraction. For example: cook a good meal, play a good guitar, etc., as long as there is a chance, you must show it to the girl you like, but this process is still done naturally and not deliberately.

5. If her feedback is good, you should take the initiative to chat with her, find more topics, and don't worry about whether the other party can reply to your message

After the relationship progresses, you can take the initiative to find topics to chat on WhatsApp. You need to pay attention to the natural and smooth expression of emotions, and don’t be too concerned about whether the other party will reply to your message. Don’t expose too much sense of purpose and need during the chat, otherwise it will increase the girl’s vigilance, which will be harmful to each other’s relationship.

6. Dates need to be thoughtful and well arranged

If the development goes well and the girl already has a good impression of you, you can make an invitation. This will be by far the most important step and will directly determine the direction of the relationship between the girl and you in the future, so be careful and considerate when dating.

1) You must do your homework in advance for the arrangement of the dating project, and don’t ask for the girl’s opinion too much, otherwise you will appear to be lacking in opinion and give yourself a deduction.

2) When dating, you must not choose a restaurant with a lower grade, which will show lack of sincerity and lack of respect for girls. Paying more attention to details during meals, such as preparing a rubber band in a pocket for girls to use, is a very bonus behavior.

3.)Give girls a good emotional experience as much as possible during the dating process, such as preparing a bouquet of roses or small gifts. The sense of ritual and small surprises will make girls more happy.

7. Don't rush the relationship, let the bullet fly a little longer and the girl will give you the signal

Finally, don’t be too hasty when preparing to determine the relationship. If the girl likes you, she will take the initiative to give a signal, and then make the most appropriate response. Don’t be in a hurry and lose at the finish line.

Finally, I hope that every boy who treats his feelings sincerely can have his own happiness.

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