How to prevent him from secretly taking off the condom?

Why secretly take off the condom?

Men deliberately and secretly take off condoms, which is a kind of sexual assault, which is an extension of men’s sexual authority. Men who don’t take this seriously hold the ideology of “male supremacy” in their hearts. Under the domination of this kind of consciousness, the light is machismo, and the heavy is domestic violence.

Consequences of not wearing a condom secretly

In consensual sex, there is a tacit covenant that they both agree to the necessary conditions of being together. One of the conditions is the use of condoms. If a man takes off the condom secretly, it is not only an abuse of power, but also an attack.

The cost to the body is unintended pregnancy or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The emotional price is psychological distress, anger and feelings of foul victim.

If it’s a long-term relationship, it’s shocking to face this behavior, it’s a huge damage to intimacy.

How to avoid being unhooked

There is no easy solution to this problem, communication is key.

You can tell your partner, “I had sex with a condom consensual, and if I had sex without a condom, I would consider it rape”.

It’s certainly not a sexy question to ask him “Are you a sly condom guy?” before sex, but it’s important to have a discussion around condom use before foreplay.

If wearing a condom is a requirement of either party, it must be worn the entire time, before physical contact, and the discussion should take place before undressing.

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