How to make you a good kisser? Use the following 8 kissing skills flexibly. Sweet Kiss Part 3

1,Licking and kissing:

Gently lick, swirl in circles, and rub up and down to make the other person feel warm and wet. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, you must take good care of your lips. Dry and peeling lips are not sexy at all, and you can’t kiss them.

2,Bite kiss:

When she opens her lips, lightly bite her lips with the tips of your teeth, let her experience the trembling, the numbness caused by pain spreads all over the body. But be careful not to let the opponent get hurt.


From light to hard, gently rub on each other’s lips, gently suck each other’s lips, you can use your own saliva to add moisture to each other’s lips, and then suck clean, smooth, soft Yes, it feels great.

4,Push kiss:

stick the tongue into each other’s mouth, and let the tongue and tongue push each other. At this moment, the male’s strength needs to be controlled and soft, so as to avoid hurting the girl. , slow speed can generate more passion.

5,Tongue-sucking kiss:

Use your moist lips to hold the other person’s tongue and suck gently. The woman can slow down the movement to relieve the boy’s restlessness, and the boy can also slow down to stabilize the girl’s nervousness and shyness, and vice versa. Be sure to use the rhythm of your lips to respond to the other party, and don’t be too hasty.

What’s up with sucking? Remember the way a baby is breastfed? Yes, that’s it, suck on each other’s lips (or anywhere else you can kiss, shy to say it), smack, smack, smack.

6,Tongue licking and kissing:

 You can lick each other tongue to tongue, use the tip of your tongue to tug on the nerves of the other party repeatedly, and tell the other party with actions that I need your response, so that the other party has no chance to breathe. After mobilizing each other’s nerves, they licked their tongues in response.

7,Tongue kiss:

Pretend to be hungry, eat and tease the other side’s tongue thirsty, slowly pretend to swallow it, accompanied by more and more rapid breathing, let the other person feel your desire. Be careful, pretend to devour, don’t play real. I am not responsible for this.

8,Rhythmic kiss:

 It’s all like this. I believe you basically have no clothes on your body. You might as well hug each other tightly, press your lips tightly, kiss deeper, and gradually become more intense, let your tongue go around his tongue, The rhythm of the round is up, and I am intoxicated~

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