How to make condoms 100% contraceptive?

The most widely used contraceptive method nowadays is condoms. However, due to the unconscious misunderstanding of users, there are also cases where condoms cannot achieve 100% contraceptive effect. Since condoms are used, of course, we do not want contraceptive failure. What do I need to do to make a condom 100% contraceptive?

1. Use correctly

Most adult men have dealt with condoms, but men’s health experts point out that even men who use condoms regularly can make some mistakes. So remind, the use of condoms must pay attention to the following skills.

2. Tear off the packaging

First of all, buy a condom of the right size, too big and easy to fall off, too small and easy to be squeezed. Before use, make sure that the condom is within the shelf life. Before opening the package, pay attention to squeeze the condom to one side, and then gently tear the package with your hands. Avoid using sharp tools such as scissors to open the package, so as not to break the condom.

3. Tighten before and loose

When using, also distinguish the inside and outside of the condom. Some couples have sex when the lights are not turned on, often turning the condom inside and out while wearing it. Because some condoms are coated with drugs or other chemical ingredients on the inside or outside, wearing them in reverse will not only fail to achieve the desired effect, but may cause adverse irritation.

Also, don’t fully unfold the condom while wearing it and squeeze the air out of the top. The best time to wear it is after foreplay and when the penis is fully erected, to ensure that there is no genital contact between the two parties before wearing. After wearing it, it should be in a state of “slack before and tight”. If it breaks during use, stop sexual activity or take emergency contraception afterwards.

4. Throw it away after use

When to take off the condom is also particular. After the male ejaculates and the penis is not completely “soft”, press the bottom of the condom and pull it out together with the penis to ensure that no semen overflows, otherwise emergency contraception should be taken. Some men still have an erection after ejaculation and are ready to continue the next sexual act, they must wash the semen thoroughly and replace another condom. It is inevitable to touch the semen with your hands when removing the condom, so avoid touching the female genitals. It is important to note that condoms are disposable consumables and cannot be reused.

5. It suits you

Nowadays, all kinds of sex condoms have come out one after another. They are colorful in color, fruity in taste, and effective in style. Colorful, fruity, bumpy, threaded, ultra-thin, luminous, extended. Time… Experts point out that these condoms may not be suitable for everyone. Men with a history of premature ejaculation and sensitive to genital stimulation should not use the ultra-thin type.

Men and women with sensitive constitutions and allergies should not use color type, fruity type, luminous type and delayed type. These condoms contain drugs and chemical ingredients, which are easy to become allergens. Of course, for husbands whose wives are sexually indifferent, they may wish to consider the use of bump type and thread type, which can enhance the sensitive stimulation of female genitalia and increase the wife’s excitement.

Of course, if you want sex more assured and safer, in addition to the above points, you can also use Durex double safety condoms, moderately thickened, to escort sex and let you enjoy it to the fullest. And a lot of lubricating fluid makes sex smoother.

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