How to improve the quality of sexual life? Part 2

Keyword 4: considerate

In this respect, love is mainly reflected in the choice of sexual position. If a husband blindly adopts the male-up and female-down position, and always puts his weight on his wife’s body, it is difficult to say that he has love for his wife.

Keyword 5: Warmth

More and more couples have understood the importance of mutual tenderness after sexual intercourse, even a few casual words, including a few chats, will increase the sense of intimacy between each other. This is like the last farewell and kiss goodbye on a date in love.

If you leave without saying goodbye, it will inevitably affect the relationship and even lead to the breakdown of the relationship. A husband who ignores his wife and only sleeps on his own head will also make his wife feel sad, thus creating a false sense of all the caresses of the husband before sexual intercourse, which will affect the satisfaction of sex over time.

Persistence in love throughout the whole process of sex is crucial to the happiness and harmony of sexual life. If so, the wife will seldom complain about her husband even if she has not reached an orgasm, thus laying the foundation for the next happiness and orgasm. Good emotional foundation.

Since many couples are aware of the periods of sexual intercourse, they should be emotionally invested in each period, invested in their love for their partner. The survey shows that the quality of sex life of couples who are both involved in sex life is much higher than that of other couples, because love gives the husband self-confidence, and also gives the wife charm and sexiness.

It should be noted that it is not advisable for couples to sleep while hugging each other. Because the sleeping position is not free, it is inevitable that they will squeeze each other, and it is easy to feel tired after waking up in the morning, but falling asleep separately can fully relax to restore physical strength and ensure work the next day. energy. If you wake up in the middle, or hug each other again in the early morning, it is also a good compromise.

Keyword 6: Tolerance

When in love, if the other party occasionally has a minor illness, they will be caring and the relationship will deepen. But in sex, love and care are often neglected.

If the husband accidentally ejaculates too early, the wife will unceremoniously buckle the hat of premature ejaculation, and eventually lead to real premature ejaculation and regret it.

Or if the wife refuses the husband’s request by chance, the husband is very unhappy, instead of asking why like a love day, be more considerate.

As the saying goes, “women have more things to do” is a derogatory meaning, but if you think about women, women have one more menstrual cycle than men, and there are many emotional factors, so they will know their wives better and eliminate the negative factors that affect sexual happiness.

Mutual tolerance between husband and wife is just like tolerating or even beautifying each other’s shortcomings when they are in love.

Keyword 7: Active

When in love, both parties always take the initiative to express their feelings to each other, buy gifts, knit sweaters, and exchange letters. However, the husband takes the initiative too much during sex, and the wife sometimes thinks that her active husband will despise her. This is still the role of traditional sexual concepts.

Modern husbands seldom despise wives who take the initiative to show love, and wives should not often refuse their husbands’ active demands, much less as a quid pro quo or punishment.

Sex is also love, not a deal. A happy couple is not only emotionally in love with each other, but also should be interactive in terms of sex. Comparing sex with eroticism on the basis of love has given us many important revelations and made us discover many things to cherish.

In sex, because of the existence of love, sex is perfected and happy, resulting in a harmonious sex life, which is like in love, because of the existence of love, love becomes increasingly sweet and intoxicating.

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