How to improve the quality of sexual life? Part 1

In daily life, many people inadvertently regard sex as a simple sex life, while ignoring the important word “love”, which makes sex life more and more boring.

In fact, sex life also needs the kind of mutual concern in love to provide guarantee and nutrition for its happiness. The reason why many couples are unhappy is that they pursue love passionately before marriage, but only pursue sex after marriage, and forget the very important other half of sex—love. For sexual fulfillment, we need to refocus on the following key words in sex.

Keyword 1: Emotions

A good mood should be a sense of intimacy between the two parties, which is the basis of a happy sex. Even if there is no good mood, it should be peaceful, thus creating the conditions for a good mood.

For sex, quarrel is the biggest obstacle to happiness, and the bad mood brought by quarrel often destroys the happiness of sex. Of course, there are exceptions. Those couples who reconcile quickly may have a happy sex life because of it, just as they quarrel in love and then reconcile.

Keyword 2: Attract

When in love, both parties pay attention to giving each other the best image and dress neatly. But I no longer pursue these in my post-marital sex life, and I always feel that there is no need to dress up like that.

It is precisely this awareness that affects the sexual harmony of husband and wife, and even blames each other for discord. There are situations in life when couples who are divorced find the other as attractive as they were before marriage.

If love is likened to soil, sex is the flower rooted in it, without soil the flower will wither. It is often said that marriage is the grave of love.

In fact, a marriage without love is the true grave of love.

In addition to the clean clothes during the day, the most important thing is underwear, whether it is loose and pleasant pajamas or sexy underwear, it can have a good effect. At the same time, a little perfume can improve both sides. “sex” interest. In this way, a happy sex life will have a better start.

Keyword 3: caress

This is the most important stage for couples to achieve orgasm, this stage should be absolutely free, even if the erotic zone should not only recite what is written in the book.

In fact, couples who have frequent orgasms have a lot more emotional zones than the books say. Loving stroking is emotional no matter what.

It should be noted that the wife should also take the initiative to caress her husband during sex. Both parties are equal in love, so it should be the same during sex.

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