How to help a girl reduce pain during menstruation?

Many times, fellow men don’t quite understand what kind of pain girls go through during “those days of the month”, so they don’t know how to help them. Becoming a sensible and considerate person must be everyone’s goal, if you want to give the important girls in your life some extra support and love during menstruation, then this article will help you.


1. Understand what pain women experience during menstruation.

Obviously, men can’t put themselves in the shoes of men on this issue and feel what it’s like to have a period, but try to understand the symptoms of your next period. Girls will have severe stomach cramps, which is not a good thing. It can make people irritable and painful, and it can make people paralyzed like a sword through the abdomen. In addition, girls’ emotions will become capricious, headaches, restlessness, physical and mental fatigue, dull pain in private parts, and poor appetite. And these symptoms can vary from person to person, and some people have no symptoms at all! Girls with more severe conditions sometimes need to use aids every few hours to reduce or delay pain. All in all, menstruation is a very uncomfortable process for everyone, and the symptoms that come with it are completely unheard of.

2. Make her feel better about herself.

Compliment her and make her feel that even during her period she is still as smart and beautiful as usual. This can help some unconfident girls to increase their self-confidence, and it can also slightly ease her capricious emotions.

3. Keep her away from chores.

If she still has some odd things to do, do it for her. Help her wash the dishes and remove the laundry to relieve her stress and give her time to relax. It is important to remember that some girls may not only have some “trivial things” to do, professional women and girls who need to manage the whole big family including pets will also come to the aunt, and they still need to deal with large and small matters. Be considerate to them.

4. Comfort her.

Sit her down, talk to her or give her a warm hug. Even a light touch on her arm will make her feel better and at least let her know that you care about her.

5. Make her feel loved and appreciated.

Let her know that you are happy and grateful for her presence in your life, and tell her that she is a wonderful friend, girlfriend, or wife. If she’s at work or not with you, call her or call her office, or email her and tell her how cute and charming she is in your eyes. It’s never too mushy or too over the top to do this. Don’t provoke her when she’s in a bad mood and hit the gun.

6. Don't show disgust.

When it comes to menstruation, don’t sound frightened or disgusted, even if you’re really disgusted. If she wants to discuss something with you, don’t wink her to “go talk to a female friend”, it will make her feel like you don’t care about her. Another aspect is that when she needs something “something”, it’s premature and unhelpful to come forward to help her get it, thinking that items such as tampons are “girls’ stuff”. By the way, buy her some chocolates or bring her her favorite magazine, which will make her feel that you are really considerate and caring for her.


Even if she doesn’t have any symptoms during her period, still care about her and soothe her so that she doesn’t feel that hard.

Make her laugh. Tell her a joke or a story to cheer her up.

Everything depends on her. If you go out to dinner, let her choose the restaurant; if you go to the cinema together, let her choose the movie.

Holding her or letting her sleep on your arm will make her feel at ease.
Give her a kettle full of hot water. It warms and relieves cramps when she is placed on the stomach.

Ask her if she’d like to go out to the movies or go for a walk in the park. If she says she doesn’t want to, don’t force her.


Remember she can be very emotional, don’t take her words and actions to heart, but she will take everything you do to heart! ~

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