How to forget someone quickly

In the journey of life, we will harvest all kinds of feelings, some feelings will not come to the end, but they deeply affect us, and we will never forget them. Is there a way to quickly forget someone?

1. Stop recalling things related to this person

Some people who are broken-hearted always have feelings for each other, and this is also an important reason why they can’t get rid of it. For example, when they go to a place they used to share, and see familiar things, they will think of the days of the two people in the past. Forget these, just treat the other person as something that must be experienced in life, force yourself not to think about it again, let the past pass, don’t live in the shadow of the past now, we have to live on.

2. Stay away from each other, stay away from familiar life and scenes

Personally, I feel that if it is difficult to forget everything now, it will be uncomfortable to stay in a familiar place. It is better to find a place that neither of you have been to before and be alone. Don’t revisit the same place and uncover the painful scars.

3. Distraction

Reunite with your family more, or talk to your friends, talk about your troubles and bitterness, and the knots in your heart may be slowly resolved. You can also find some books you like to read, or a funny movie or variety show to pass the time, and gradually you will stop thinking about it.

4. Keep yourself busy

This is also a good way to find a few more part-time jobs, so that you are too busy to think about other things, and you will get used to it. Participate in more activities and do things that interest you.

5. Make more friends of the opposite sex

When you find your next boyfriend, that’s when you forget. Maybe there are some things we can’t forget in our lifetime, but when we think about it again, it’s no longer so painful. Keep the memory in the deepest part of my heart, one day, we occasionally think of it, it is not a kind of happiness.

6. Keep everything related to yourself and the other party in the dust

Memory is sometimes very abstract, and those real things are more reminiscent and can be said to hurt people more. Throw away all those little gift cards, decorations, things the other party gave you, and letters you’ve written. Otherwise, delete the contact information of the other party, cut off all connections such as QQ blocking, and let the other party disappear completely in your world.

7. Take a long journey

A simple long trip can make us relax as much as possible and forget about those troubles. It is recommended to travel a little farther away, so that the time is longer. And when you go to places with beautiful scenery, it is best to be with friends, so that you can help each other and have a person to talk to.

8. Rational Analysis

Why should you forget about this event or this person? Write out the rules. When you are analyzing rationally, believe me, you may still have emotional slams, but it will definitely limit your irrational behavior to a certain extent. This method is especially practical for men. After analyzing the selection and discussion, you will feel that you are actually quite calm.

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