How to find the sensitive points of girls in sex?

Foreplay of sex is the beginning of good sex, and men have to find the sensitive points of women if they want to do sex foreplay well.

1. Find the sensitive clitoris of girls

The clitoris consists of two cavernous bodies, the clitoral head and the clitoral body. The clitoral head is located in the front of the clitoris, which is the visible part of the clitoris. It is the size of a soybean and is rich in nerve endings, so it is extremely sensitive. The clitoral body is located at the rear end of the clitoral head, and the surface is covered with the clitoral foreskin and buried under it, which is invisible to the naked eye.

Human organs originating from the same embryonic tissue are called homologous organs. Female and male sex organs originate from the same embryonic tissue. For example, the female clitoris is derived from the male penis, that is, evolved from the same embryonic tissue. The structure of the clitoris is similar to that of the penis, both have a head and a body; both vary in size; like the penis, the clitoris is sexually erect because it contains cavernous bodies that are filled with blood; like the penis , The clitoris is rich in nerve endings, very sensitive to touch, it is more strongly to sexual stimulation than any part of the body.

2. Find the scalp that stimulates the sensitive points of girls

When a man’s fingers lightly touch her scalp inadvertently, a woman will be very pleasantly surprised, because she never thought that you would care for her here. Sex experts point out that inserting fingers into her hair, alternating between fingertips and finger pads to massage her scalp regularly, or brushing her hair can give her sexual stimulation.

3. Look for sexy lips that are sensitive to girls

The sensitivity of this part is self-evident. There are many ways to kiss. In short, there are two types of kisses, the first is a gentle kiss, and the second is a firm and pressure deep kiss. In addition, in addition to kissing, licking with your tongue, stroking gently with your fingertips, or sticking your fingers into your mouth are all good, of course, make sure your hands are clean. When kissing, don’t talk, it’s best to close your eyes.

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